21 Best Picasa WordPress Plugins

Picasa Web Albums is free image hosting and photo sharing from google, you can upload and share photo up to 1GB for free. if you have a wordpress site (self hoting) based on photoblog with limited bandwidth and web space, You can try Picasa Web Albums to host your photo and video, these ways can be used to reduce the amount of web space and bandwidth usage for your WordPress site.

To connect Picasa Web Albums to your WordPress blog, you can install picasa plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Picasa Plugins

Best WordPress Picasa Plugins

Nova Gallery

Nova Gallery

Nova Gallery plugin is useful picasa wordpress plugin enabling you to showcase your photos and other multimedia files in a beautiful and sleek interface.

The gallery allows you to showcase your Flickr/Picasa photos from groups/sets/albums/collections. The gallery also features touch-screen support and uses hardware accelerated CSS based animations.

[ Download ]

1. Picasa Express x2 – Picasa WordPress Plugins

With Picasa Express x2 You can browse Picasa Web album and select image to insert or select several images to the gallery

  • Use Picasa user for get albums ( username can be stored in settings )
  • Show albums cover and name for get images.
  • Images from album with caption or filename for selection
  • Select and insert single image or banch for gallery. Enhanced
  • Private Picasa albums after granting access via Google service
  • WordPress MU support – sidewide activation, users, roles
  • Gallery shortcodes for selected images or for get all images from Picasa album

Download Picasa Express x2

Picasa Express x2

Picasa Express x2 –  Picasa WordPress Plugins

2. PWA+PHP – Picasa WordPress Plugins

PWA+PHP is a lightweight solution for displaying your private (unlisted) and public Picasa Albums within WordPress in your language using Fancybox, Shadowbox or Lightbox. The plugin provides a guided installer that helps you generate your gdata token and set display options for your albums.

Download PWA+PHP

pwa + php - Picasa WordPress Plugins

Pwa + Php plugins settings – Picasa WordPress Plugins

3. Easy Picasa – Picasa WordPress Plugins

This is a very simple but useful plugin, it can help with insert XHTML validated flash album, or pictures, or multiple pictures by single click. The picasa.js is a Picasa jQuery plugin, picasa.html can be run on local machine as a demo.

Download Easy Picasa

Easy Picasa - Picasa WordPress Plugins

Easy Picasa – Picasa WordPress Plugins

4. kPicasa Gallery – Picasa WordPress Plugins

This plugin displays your Picasa Web Galleries in a post or in a page simply by creating a post or a page with a special keyword. All the images are kept on the Picasa Web Gallery server.

Download KPicasa Gallery

5. Picasa Photo Embed – Picasa WordPress Plugins

A plugin that allows you to embed picasa photos into your posts with the WordPress 2.9 embedding feature. Include the url of the photo on a line of its own or between

tags and the photo will be embedded.

Download Picasa Photo Embed

Picasa Photo Embed - Picasa WordPress Plugins

Picasa Photo Embed – Picasa WordPress Plugins

6. Picasa Image Express

A wordpress plugin which allows you to browse, search and insert photos from Picasa web albums into your posts and pages.

Download Picasa Image Express

7. WP-Picasa

WP-Picasa adds a short code wp-picasa, where you are enabled to give a option albumid if you wish to display a specific album. Plugin does not use Jon Design’s original gallery view as album lister, but uses it’s own version. It displays 6 albums per page and uses AJAX to load views, or when pages are being changed. Best way to experience, is to try it.

Download WP-Picasa

WP Picasa - Picasa WordPress Plugins

WP Picasa – Picasa WordPress Plugins

8. GoldenGate – Picasa WordPress Plugins

GoldenGate is a WordPress plugin that integrates Picasa Web Albums into WordPress to make it easy to upload photos to Picasa and then feature them on your blog. PHP5 is required as a dependency of the Zend Framework. PHP extensions that are required by this plugin: ctype, dom, libxml, spl, standard

Download GoldenGate

GoldenGate - Picasa WordPress Plugins

GoldenGate – Picasa WordPress Plugins

9. WP Esprit Picasa WordPress Plugins

You can use ESPR!T Picasa to add photos from google Picasa albums to your post and pages. Just click on ESPR!T Picasa photo tab icon when editing post or page, select the album and then with one click just insert the photo into your post. The photos are still being hold on Google Picasa album, the plugin just insert pure html link into the post. You can also take advantage of Lightbox effects, but you do need to install separate plugin for lightbox.

Download ESPR!T Picasa

WP Esprit Picasa WordPress Plugins

WP Esprit Picasa WordPress Plugins

10. altPWA – Picasa WordPress Plugins

altPWA is a plugin that will allow you to easily embed a Picasa Web Album in your pages.

Download altPWA

altPWA - Picasa WordPress Plugins

altPWA – Picasa WordPress Plugins

11. PhotoXhibit – Picasa WordPress Plugins

This plugin uses photos from your Flickr, Picasa, and/or SmugMug accounts as well as allows you to upload and build Albums to help you build inviting Photo Galleries on and through out your site.

Download PhotoXhibit

12. PicasaView

With picasaView you can easily view your picasaweb-albums in your blog. To achieve this, all you need to do is to insert a shorttag like [picasaView album='ALBUMNAME'] in your content where you want your album to appear. To view all your public albums just use [picasaView].

Download PicasaView

13. Get Picasa Albums

Get Picasa Albums will take a given Picasa username and fetch a listing of all public albums for the given user. Thumbnails to the individual albums will be displayed in a table on the specified WordPress page. Each thumbnail is a link to the actual Picasa album hosted by Google. The user can specify the number of columns to display, so that the resulting table matches the width on the webpage. The user may also specify if random thumnails are used instead of the Picasa thumbs already specified.

Download Get Picasa Albums

14. KB Easy PicasaWeb

KB Easy PicasaWeb is the easiest, fastest, most visitor-friendly Picasa plugin for WordPress.

  • Easiest: This plugin does not require you to insert funny markup into your posts–all you need is a link to a Picasa album, and the plugin does the rest.
  • Fastest: The plugin uses efficient caching to keep your blog’s pageloads quick.
  • Most visitor friendly: The plugin uses PHP, not JavaScript, so it won’t cause errors or annoying movement when loading. (If you’ve used JS-based Picasa plugins, you’ll know what I mean.) Even your grandmother can view your photos if you use this plugin.

Download KB Easy PicasaWeb

15. Shashin – Picasa WordPress Plugins

Shashin is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you display Picasa images and videos anywhere in your WordPress site

Download Shashin

16. Picasa Photos

Pick photos from picasa album and display them randomly

Download Picasa Photos

17. Picasa Album Uploader

Provides a button to be installed into the Google Picasa Desktop to directly upload files from Picasa as WordPress media. Once the button has been downloaded and installed in Picasa, images can be selected in Picasa and uploaded to your WordPress blog with a simple click of the button within Picasa.

Download Google Picasa Desktop

Picasa Album Uploader Settings

Picasa Album Uploader Settings – Picasa WordPress Plugins

18. GPicasa – Picasa WordPress Plugins

The plugin insert a icon on insert/edit page. Click on the icon you can see the picasa users, what you specified on the settings page. Entering in the user you can insert all images form an album, or browse an album and insert images individualy into post.

Download GPicasa


GPicasa – Picasa WordPress Plugins

19. Picasa Widget

This widget allows you to show pictures from your Picasa account in your blog’s sidebar. Install the plugin and make the minimum configurations.

Download Picasa Witged

Picasa Widget WordPress Plugins

Picasa Widget WordPress Plugins

20. Picasa For WordPress

Give the RSS url of your Picasa album(s) to the Picasa for WordPress widget to display them in your sidebar(s).


  • add slideshow widget(s) in the sidebar(s) section of your page,
  • you’ll can change the width of your slideshow (the height will be automatically adjusted), the background color, the autoplay feature, if only registered users can see it, if you want to show the legend,
  • internationalization of the plugin,
  • XHTML conform,
  • tested and working on IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari.

Download Picasa For WordPress

21. Picasaedissimo – Picasa WordPress Plugins

Picasaedissimo is a plugin to display the latest or random images from a selected Picasa Webalbum RSS feed in your sidebar.

Download Picasaedissimo


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