Ways to Get Fresh Water From Air

1. Max Water

An Australian scientist has developed a device capable of taking water from the air. Supported by the wind, Nicknamed Max Water, the system in accordance with the inventor even going to change a large amount of water using air with low humidity. Visit Site

2. Watermill – Element Four

Developed by Element Four, Watermill can generate and then filtered the water, so that it can be drunk directly. The company promised that their devices will be able to produce approximately 3.2 gallons of fresh water everyday.  Visit Site

3. Ersa

Ersa was designed by Scott Norrie industry. Ersa uses solar energy to make water from the air. The design also uses a solar panel to power onboard handheld devices.

4. EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator

The EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) can provide up to 7 gallons of  fresh water every day, as long as the air around you is moist. The company develops state product that works best at 50 % humidity, but also can work in the lowest 30% humidity level.  Visit Site

Turns air into water - Atmospheric Water Generator - Just plug it in.

5. Dew Drop

Industrial designer Jacky Wu Dew Drop has designed a device that can extracts a water from thin air to the plant. All users  must to do is just put an artificial leaves in the same pot as the plant.

6. DropNet

Industrial student design in Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Imke Hoehler, has created a system that can produce drinking water from thin air and smog. Dubbed DropNet, water-collecting system can produce up to 20 liters of clean water every day.

7. Groasis Waterboxx

Groasis Waterboxx was Created by Dutch businessman Pieter Hoff, This device can produce fresh water even in the driest places on the earth. Visit Site

How does the Groasis waterboxx work?

8. Water Building Resort

This may not be portable devices that produce water that you are looking for, but this is a beautiful conceptually resort. Compiled by Orlando de Urrutia, Water Building Resort will be using the best in technology to produce solar electricity, water from the air and will also make the sea water to fresh water.


water building resort_3_vexot_69

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