+25 New Chair Designs – Creative Chair Concept

Check out this stunning and creative chair concept design…

Lounge Chair

Chair Design by Michael Rambusch



“Iga” chair inspired by the shape of the origami swan. Chair Design by Damian Kozlik


Slatted Chaira

Shell was created by interweaving the slats together and weaving the steel frame in between the slats. Chair Design by Elizabeth Moran



looks more like a cup of tea. one of the designs shown in the international exhibition of office furniture in tehran. Chair Design by Milad Taleghani


Chair Design by Thomas Matthew


Have A Seat Lounger

This chair prototype was designed and exhibited in the IDS 2011 trade show in Toronto, ON, at the Studio North Prototype booth. Chair Design by Bram Sawatzky


Glow Chair

Chair Design by Sergey Chirko


Paulistano Armchair

A pair of paulistano armchairs designed in 1957 by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha. Chair Design by Peter Guthrie


ZA Stool

Chair Design by MisoSoupDesign


C2C Chair

C2C chair, composed by two main curvatures, maximizes the function as the ergonomic piece with the easy manufacture process and less material. Chair Design by MisoSoupDesign


Refract Chair

Six degrees of refractive correction are said to occur in the eye taking information as sharp light images. The number 6 has been repeated to emphasize this idea. Chair Design by Carey lyn


Rima Couch

Beams of light are a part of the world we live in whether it is concentrated or defused. The patterns of light and shadow that are created indicate the direction of the source and can tell the time of day. Designed light patterns are applied with this principle. Chair Design by Carey lyn


Stretch lounge

Chair Design by Keith Coponi



Comedor Jalisco

Chair Design by : Ricardo García


Glossy Lipstick

Glass and Lexan material for this sofacovered with trasparent silicon. Chair Design by Sand & Birch


Lu Armchair

LU evokes organic forms, primitive and ancestral shapes, but, at the same time, it is elegant and precious. A lively tension goes through it and bends it in a tonic muscular action. LU is an unusual seat, with a metallic structure, polyurethane inside, covered with Alcantara. Chair Design by Sand & Birch


Velvet Sofa

A bewitched velvet ribbon creates a magic sofa. “Velvet” is a spiral shaped sofa upholstered in a sensual and luxurious smooth velvet. Its wooden frame is covered with a thin layer of polyurethane. Chair Design by Sand & Birch


Emma-Green Chair

Mrs. Emma Green is a trustworthy lady, quiet and staid; she’s an important landmark for the entire Green family, a group of young and lively girls.


Fold Chair

Chair Design by Mariel Penner-Wilson


The Tape

Chair Design by Alexandre Lecointre


Fire Place Leaf

Chair Design by Thierry Fischer


Concept Chairs

Series of seating concepts developed with no particular purpose, just for the fun of it. The first chair is made with Walnut wood with the option of adding a cushion for extra comfort.  Chair Design by Alejandra Castelao


Loop Lounge Chair

“Loop Lounge Chair” was created to show the “bendy” character which has become the advantage of rattan materials. The attention of the details of “Loop” , especially on the construction and joint parts, was meant to add greater value on the piece of furniture. Chair Design by Abie abdillah



Chair Design by Sergey Chirko


Flexible wood lounge Chair

Chair Design by Brian Sanderson



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