Stunning Architecture Concept & Design

Estonian academy of arts

The building is put in the place following the indications of the competition, respecting the urban areas where it is put, creating a qualification of aggregation and creating a immediate identity. Design by Gaspare Di Maggio

Bali Bird Park

4 Dimensions Movie Theater: Design Proposal. Design By Wara Urwasi

Kosar Shopping Mal

Design By Farzan Shamasblou

kosar shopping mal

Residential Complex

Design By Farzan Shamasblou

Kazimir space model

Design by

Headquarter of Sebrae- Public contest

Design by Felipe Campolina

eVolo 2010 Skyscraper Competition

Concept for a huge tower capable of housing mobile prefab units. It starts from an empty metallic structure consisting of rails able to receive those units, giving them a shelter with mobility and freedom to come and go. More informations

Design by Felipe Campolina

Not the edge

Design By MisoSoupDesign

The boathouse


3D and Environmental design

Design By Xmanifold

6-PAC Canopy System

Design By Xmanifold

Polymorphic Stasis

SPA CENTER, Calimanesti – Diploma

Design by Costin Ciungulet

Design by : Arthur toth

Container Architecture

This was done for a 4rd year project at the Caribbean School of Architecture. Exploring the possibilities of shipping container and its ability to achieve astounding results like any other building method. Design by : Kamaal Manboard

Benetton – Eye Level View

Design by Enriko Maradona

The Hair Strand Project

Design by Studio prototype

Centro turistico

Design by Santiago Villanueva

Di Stasio Australian Pavilion in Venice

Design by Fajar Aditya

The DNA Stair –

Stairs based on a DNA strand.  Design by Geoffrey Packer

House in Vale dos Cristais – Belo Horizonte/MG – Brazil

Design By Tiago Viegas

Save the tree 😮

Design By Tiago Viegas

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