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Micro job could be interpreted as “small job” or “easy job”, you can earn money online by doing an easy job such as answering question, following some twitter account, get paid for sign up and many more.

Is it Scam?

Nope, Micro job is not a Scam, Depends on Micro job marketplace site you choose. Below are few list of trusted Micro job marketplace site,  join and start earn money from home.

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Microworkers – work & earn or offer a micro job

Microworkers probably one of the most trusted micro-job marketplace site, you can Earn money by doing easy job. No need to have a blog or website when joining Microworkers. Payment processors via PayPal, Alertpay and Moneybookers.

  1. Microworkers Job Examples
  2. Become Fans of some Pages
  3. Voting video on Youtube
  4. Joining or Sign up to some website
  5. Following Twitter
  6. Write a review to to website or blogs (Paid for Review)
  7. and many more

Easy Right :), Just doing a job that you thing you can do.


Microworkers - Trusted micro-job marketplace site

WP Questions – Expert Worpress Question & Answer

WP Questions was founded by Lawrence Krubner. If you looking for Expert WordPress services or need to ask a question about WordPress, WP Questions is right place for that and vice versa, You can earn money by answering questions.

Wordpress Expert Question & Answer

Wordpress Expert Question & Answer - Micro-job marketplace

PeopleStox – Experience Marketplace

PeopleStox is new brand for Micro-job marketplace site, as PeopleStox slogan “Do what you love, take advantage of your unique talents, and make money.” they have unique marketplace called “Experience Marketplace”.

PeopleStox is the world’s first “experience” marketplace that enables people (Fans) to invest in unique experiences posted by talented individuals (Dreamers).The Dreamers can be anyone from artists to entrepreneurs willing to sell a valuable experience or unique item in exchange for cash. The Fans can purchase, redeem and even sell their experiences for profit. …


Peoplestox - Experience Marketplace

Zeerk – Where Service Payout

Zeerk is the site to get your work done for $5, $10 and $20. Sellers get paid daily. Freelancing jobs, work from home or even freelance online.

Similar Site (Agriya Script) :

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  11. JustAFive
  12. UpHype
  13. TenBux
  14. GigBucks
  15. Gigswood

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