+55 Awesome & Creative Advertisements {Commercial and Non-Commercial}

+55 Awesome & Creative Advertisements – Actually, i want to share post about Non Commercial advertising. When I do a google search with keyword “Non Commercial advertising”, I found great website that post about “55 Best Ads For Showcasing Commercial and Non-Commercial Advertising” from resources.savedelete.com published in March 31st, 2010.

Although it’s an old post, it’s really worth seeing and I still want to re-post this ads collections. Check these out 55 awesome and creative advertisements from all over the world.

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Smoking Kills

By Jeffrey Vanhoutte

Oxygo Gym: Long time, no see?

Bounty: Big skills

Axe: Mousepad

Omax Lenses: Sea – Wide Lenses

SGIC Insurance: Sascha

Hombre Magazine: Nurse

McDonald’s: Extra large coffee

Lojack: Light bulb

Reynolds Permanent Marker: Twins

Panasonic Lumix: Ballet

Masterlock: UFO

Bank of the Planet: Energy

BC Lung Association: Info

Kayaking Jumbo Peanut: Choking

Continental Savings Bank: Purse

Sonntags Zeitung: Baby

Pizza Hut: Fast

Amnesty International: Cake

Powerful Immersion Pumps

Tourism Queensland: Best job in the world

McDonald’s: Spider

Pringles Hot & Spicy: Pepper

Terra Travel: Routine sucks, Field

VIP Magazine: Doors, 3

Folgers: Shoes

Pedestrian Council of Australia: Family

Airtel: Tourist

Getty Images: Brands

Sundown Sunless Tanning Lotion: Computer

Tabaconomia : Calculates Tobacco Costs, Car

queer-travel.de: The other side of America

LG: Chainsaw

DHL: Page

FPA Australia: Stub

Mentos Pure Fresh: Central Park, NY

Granny’s fries without the Granny

Ikea: Living room

Science World: Jason

MTV Networks: Black Ribbon Michael Jackson

2100 Watt Vacuum Cleaner

World Ocean Conference 2009: Coral

dig2go.com: Ear Glasses

All your teeth back in just 24 hours.

Don’t Waste: Calendar becomes new again every 28 years

Muddy York Rugby Football Club: Drop the soap

Viagra: Wood


Another Bloody Water

Check Your Vision

Send a Letter

Just do it

Comfort at work

Save trees

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