June’s 2011 Free File of the Month! {Envato Marketplaces}

Envato Marketplaces offers free “premium” product called “Free File of The Month” (June’s 2011). This offer is for registered members only.

1. Metrosite – Free Premium WordPress Theme

Metrosite template is designed Classic and Clean template, with easy to customise and suitable to any kind of website. It is packed with useful showcases to have your creative work displayed for customers and clients.

2. Smart XML Calendar 2

  • Calendar can display events in a month grid or days stack.
  • Calendar supports multiday events. Meaning the event can be repeated over multiple consecutive days, including over 2 consecutive months if needed.
  • Each event can have it’s own color for easier grouping of the events or you can apply universal color to it.
  • Calendar supports Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday layout.
  • Each day can have virtually unlimited amount of events.
  • Events can be time stamped for users to know when event takes place.
  • Event can auto open if it’s date equals todays date.
  • All data is stored in external XML file.
  • Width and height are 305px and 405px.

3. Loading Screen Intro

Add a realistic looking loading screen to your animations Change the background color to fit your needs.

4. Art club colored pencils vector pack

A vector pack that include 40 combination of colored pencil which feature 4 different pencil style.

5. Latin Funk

Latin funk loop with scratches, Piano, electric bass, Drums and delays.

6. Rescue Car

The original file does not include any materials or colors used in the preview.The colors and the texture are used only to pinpoint some aspects concerning colors. Highly detailed, with a nice design the vehicle is ready to go everywhere it is needed.

7. Data Security Class

Data Security is encryption class for transforming plain text into cipher text. This ensures data confidentiality by using 160 bit key to encrypt blocks of plain text. The strength of key it’s very high and to break the key it is needed ~2^160 attempts which is number with length of 17 numbers and today’s processors aren’t strong enough to break this key for a short time.

8. Create Presentation Slides with HTML and CSS

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