10 WhiteHat SEO Tips for Beginners

If you are a webmaster, you’re no stranger to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a technique to optimize our website so easily recognized by search engines, in order to get traffic from search engines as much as possible (Organic traffic).

SEO is a very important thing if you care about it, there are so many SEO tips that you may already know, such as, keyword optimization, backlink, “no follow” attribute on the external link, H1 & H2 header optimization, SEO friendly URLs (Pretty Permalinks) and so on. However, SEO technique that I have mentioned before, sometimes it can make you more dizzy (including me), because I’m not an expert in SEO :).

10 WhiteHat SEO Tips for Beginners

10 WhiteHat SEO Tips for Beginners

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I’ll say this once more that I’m not an expert in SEO, but today I want to discuss, and sharing with you about the natural SEO or WhiteHat SEO. Principle of SEO tips which I will give it at this time, it’s not too difficult to do but it need more time to succeed, your desire and commitment. Because There was no instant success and isn’t achieved in the twinkling of an eye.

This time, I would like to invite you to return in Principle of “Originality”.

1. Is it True That Content is King?

The answer is yes, and you must believe it as the basis for a site. Good content is not an article that contain targeted keywords or trending keywords, but good content is how to deliver information in your articles that are interesting, relevant and useful for your readers, so that everyone would like to share it with friends on social network or personal blog, you’ll get a lot of link back to your article. This certainly will greatly impact your site’s search engine visibility.

2. Update Your Site Regularly

Update the site frequently can be a challenge, especially when there is no inspiration at all. Despite it is difficult, you should still do it, even a week once you must update your site with a new articles. If you don’t update your website then you can loss your Google SERP.

Updating your site regularly will have great influence in search engine visibility. Google tweaks their algorithm for better results and users are able to filter results based on time and location. this is a great opportunity for sites that updated regularly.

3. Is keyword Ranking Still Important?

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization becomes very important when viewed from the standpoint of the Search Engine (Findability). But for the readers are on your site, keywords are not as critical, they (the readers) only care about the quality of your article. It all depends on you, if you have thought of the keyword optimization is necessary and you have to balance it by writing a quality article. And you don’t force yourself to use the keywords that are irrelevant, because it may affect the quality of articles and readers on your site.

4. Accelerating Website Load Times

Fast loading website is the preferred website criteria by Google search engine and it is also for visitors that have slow Internet connections :). There are several ways that you can do to optimize site loading speed:

  • Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company
  • Reducing the Size of Image Files
  • Using a Content delivery network/CDN (MaxCDN, NetDNA, Amazon CloudFront)
  • Compressing JavaScript and CSS files
  • Reduce the number of WordPress plugins by removing unnecessary plugins.
  • Using a cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache

5. “DoFollow” or “NoFollow”?

By default WordPress adds an external nofollow attribute to reduce spam on the comment link on the blog. But there is some argument for the use of “DoFollow” or “NoFollow” to all external links, and its Influence on SEO. Google algorithm is still a mystery, and unpredictable.

I think that the use of “DoFollow” is the best choice. The important thing is, we need to appreciate each other. Provides links to other useful sites are not criminal actions. Until today, I give a lot of outgoing links to other sites that I consider to be useful for readers of my site, and it has no effect on the performance of my site on the search engines.

6. Pretty Permalinks

For those of you that use WordPress, Starting Permalinks with %postname%, %category%, %tag%, or %author% is strongly not recommended for performance reasons. For more details, you can read this Permalink for WordPress

7. Should I Check Use Noindex for Categories and Tag Archives?

Many people recommend using a “noindex” tags and categories cause duplicate content on your site. But in fact, you can allow one of the tags or categories to be indexed by search engines. If you allow one of them being indexed by the search engine, you will notice a difference in view on search engines. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Breadcrumb Links in Google Search Results

Breadcrumb Links in Google Search Results

Better… Right?

8. Backlink / Inbound links

The key factor to achieve popularity in the eyes of search engines is getting backlinks from another sites or from a website directory. Google pagerank still apply to assess the popularity of a page in a website. To get a backlink, you can submit to various directories. You can view the directory list here – Top 10 Blog Directories.

There are various methods to obtain backlinks from another website. But naturally, you should know that the backlink is like a vote from another site. Backlinks created by people who really find your website interesting.

SEO Impact

SEO Impact

(Image Credit : Newmediadl.cas.msu.edu)

9. Using Manually Related Post

I know if you would think this would be a hassle. But if you spend more time to create your own related posts in article, this will become more effective for your blog. In addition to related post that you show more relevant to readers, you can enrich your keywords phrase in your content, because you can change the keyword links in the related posts to suit your needs.

10. Google +1 and SEO

Google+ is a new Google’s social network site that draws a lot of attention of the webmaster. Of particular interest is the difference between Google +1 and Facebook like. Google+ will eventually have the effect of Google search results that are not on Facebook “Like”. This is a new breakthrough from google and will be very much appreciated by the webmaster. The Google search engine will now display personalized results based on recommendations will be more relevant and reliable.


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