WordPress Tutorials: 10 Simple Steps for Beginners

Today, bloggers reign the internet world. Blogging which started out a personal window for the advanced users a few years ago has no become a child’s play. Free blogging platforms like Blogspot and WordPress have made blogging an irresistible hobby. If you are still in the dilemma, it is high time that you start blogging and get yourself involved in the latest trends. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms out there to start with. Apart from being a free blogging platform, it is base on CMS technology that makes things very easy for the commoners. More over the variety of WordPress themes available for free in the internet makes it more attractive.

Wordpress Tutorials: 10 Simple Steps for Beginners

1. Plan your steps: Before you start blogging it is important to plan your goals, strategies and the theme so that you can narrow down your functional area and focus on the relevant subject.

2. Choose a domain name: This is a crucial step which could have a lasting effect on your blog. The domain name must be easy to remember and should include the keyword relevant your theme. Once you are done you can either opt for registering your domain name right from the wordpress or use the free hosting service.

3. Download WordPress: You can download the software from WordPress.org and unzip the files to set up your blog.

4. Add your information: Once you have unzipped the downloaded file, you need to look for wp-config-sample.php file. The next step is renaming the file as wp-config.php and opening it with a text editor and including your database details here.

5. Upload files to your server: Uploading files to a server is similar to copying files from one folder to another. However, you need a login since you will be uploading it to a remote system. You can either purchase FTP client or use the free software available in the internet.

6. Install WordPress: Once your upload is done, you can open the www.yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin/install.php. After installing you will get a login id and password to the admin. Remember to save them.

7. Choose WordPress theme: After installation, it is possible to view your website by typing the web address on a browser. It’s now time to change the default view into your favorite theme. Excellent WordPress themes are available for a nominal price or even free of cost in the internet. All you have to do is choose the most relevant theme or just place an order with the web development company. Now unzip the files and upload them using FTP client to wp-content/themes.

8. Access the admin area: Type www.yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin/ and you will find a login screen. Use the login id and password to access the admin area. You will find a lot of options and settings using which you can configure your blog.

9. Set the theme of your choice and update the general settings to bring the desired looks and components of your blog.

10. When it comes to adding articles and other content, you can use the inbuilt composer which has both WYSIWYG and html editor. Just copy and paste the content you have created or start typing directly into in.

In case, you opt for free hosting, you won’t have the trouble of purchasing, downloading or uploading. Just create the account and start blogging straight away.

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