The New Facebook Feature: Timeline

If you have trouble keeping up with all of the changes that the makers of Facebook like to throw our way…well, get ready because a new change is taking the world’s most popular social networking site by storm—and it is definitely one to jump on board with.

The New Facebook Feature: Timeline

The New Facebook Feature: Timeline

Facebook has announced that the official, widespread unveiling of its new feature, Timeline, will take place on December 22, 2011.  However, the anticipation was too much too bear and starting on December 15, 2011 the makers of Facebook made the feature accessible to its users a few days early.  Facebook’s Timeline offers a new profile design that gives you the ability to express yourself by highlighting your stories on Facebook from the beginning all the way up until the present.

Once you implement the Timeline feature on your Facebook account, you will have seven days to adjust it to your liking before it can be viewed by anyone else…so before your seven days is expired, be sure to check out the following ways to utilize Timeline for enhancing your social networking experience:

Choose a cover.  A cover is a large picture that is found at the head of your Timeline, right above your profile picture and is visible to the public.  Choose any photo that’s at least 720 pixels wide and use this image as an opportunity to individualize your page by showcasing what sums you up as a person or what you care about.

Navigate your timeline.  With Timeline, you can jump from year to year and see what you were up to on Facebook in months passed.  To reminisce on old times, simply use the menu on the right of your profile to scroll through your Timeline and select a specific month.

Edit your timeline.  Your Timeline isn’t complete with every single “like” or comment that you ever made on Facebook.  Instead, Facebook determines what posts are included based on the type of post, who it was posted by, and the number of comments it received.  You can, however, make some edits to these stories that are shared:

  • Add new points to specific dates in your Timeline by selecting the kind of story you want to post and then adding details by tagging friends, selecting a date, and choosing a location.
  • For the stories that you could do without on your Timeline, just hover over the story to select ‘hide’ and they will no longer be visible to others.

Feature a story.  Do you have certain photos, wall posts, or other Facebook memories that were some of your life’s best?  If so, use the ‘star’ tool to highlight their importance.  ‘Starring’ a story will make it forever visible on your Timeline and will display it across your profile in a widescreen format.

Check out combined stories.  Combined stories are boxes on your Timeline that feature summaries of your Facebook activity during a particular month.  With these summaries you can recap the friends with whom you interacted, places you visited, events attended, and pages that you liked.

Manage your activity log.  To review all of your activity on Facebook, head to your activity log under your cover for a full history.  The activity log is a chronological list only you can see of everything that you have shared on Facebook since the beginning—stories, tagged photos, connections with friends, etc.  Take advantage of the activity log to control what goes on your Timeline, the privacy of your posts and what is visible to other users.

Now that you know what Facebook’s new feature is all about, log into Facebook to explore it further!

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