Using Facebook To Market Your Blog, Product, or Website – 7 Tips

Using Facebook To Market Your Blog, Product, or Website - 7 Tips

Using Facebook To Market Your Blog, Product, or Website – 7 Tips

Social media optimization like using Facebook for your internet marketing needs is still in its early stage. But this does not mean you won’t take advantage of it because right now, unlike SEO it doesn’t have that many set of rules yet. Which means you can try as many marketing tricks and techniques as you want without any risks.

Below are some of the tried and tested techniques in promoting a blog or website through Facebook:

1. Be unique.

Just like blogs or articles, what you update in your Facebook status should be unique and interesting. Not only that your friends or followers will visit your Facebook often but also, they’ll get more curious about your website and what you are promoting. Ensure that every status update is enticing that new visitors will be curious about you and your followers will participate in it.

2. Update often.

Just like blogs, a Facebook that is rarely updated is boring. And just like blogs, if you don’t add some twists in your profile, keep informing about any updates, and communicate with your visitors, you won’t get that attention that you desire.

3. Take advantage of cover photo and timeline.

Facebook’s timeline and cover photo are some of the things you have to take importance on specially when marketing a website or product. This is because your cover photo can become big marketing photo and your timeline is a way to let the people know when your blog or business begun and when was its last activity. When making a cover photo, bear in mind that Facebook will not accept cover photos meant for marketing so be creative in how you can portray your product without making it look like you are selling.

4. Tag fans in photos.

If your business have activities or events that your followers are involved, upload the pictures and tag everyone involved. To save time, allow the pictures to be tagged by your followers. This will provide you a great publicity because the tagged photos will appear on their wall.

5. Landing Page.

Let new users to a page that will encourage them to like you or your page so they will get interested and keep coming back. Get innovative and ensure your landing page is unique and is like-able.

6. Participate outside your page.

Look for a page, group, or Facebook profile that are in the same category as your and actively participate in their discussions. It is a great way to create relationships in the same field as you have and also builds your website’s credibility.

7. Integrate Facebook to your blog or website.

Use the various plugins or widgets available so you can let users view status updates from Facebook in your website or let them share contents from your site to their Facebook status. You can also integrate Facebook in comments so users won’t need to register before they can comment.

When we talk about Facebook, the first thing that comes to our mind are youngsters and teenagers. Remember that anybody uses Facebook so don’t aim to perform internet marketing only on teenagers in Facebook. In fact, 61% of Facebook users are aged 35 and above. Break that misconception and make sure you communicate the right way in the right age group.

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