A Showcase of Occupy Movement Artworks and Statements

The Occupy Movement group is an international collective of individuals whose prime objective is to protest against the global inequalities that exist between the rich and poor. They base their arguments on the fact that the banks and financial institutions in general unfairly disadvantage the majority of the population in favour of a privileged minority. There have been many rallies worldwide in a number of major cities and certain sit- ins have been quite high profile events. In order to celebrate the cause we have put together a montage of some of the artistic impressions relating to the group.

Wall Street

via 666isMONEY

This occupation is probably one of the most famous and a catalyst to all others. Depicting the evil of money.

Smoking Art

via howlcollective

Evidence of the red, white and blue here with emphasis on democracy.


Photo Album of Injustice

via celesteh

A collection of artwork in black and white showing prominent faces.


Community Together

via traxus4420

A group of painters getting to work on their masterpieces.


Road Runner Rage

via Mavis

Just like the iconic cartoon character, the cause goes on and on.


Ubiquitous Mask

via blacren

Nobody is quite sure where this mask originated from but it is a constant image amongst the protesters.


Time Out

via shankbone

Even protesters have to stop for a lunch break.


No Holding Back

via posterboynyc

Symbolising the mass struggle for equality


In a Child’s Eyes

via ChairWomanMay

This image highlights how children are oblivious to the greed inherent in society


Graffiti on a Trainer

via ChairWomanMay

Very simple artwork on a tiny trainer


Ecclesiastic Vision

via ChairWomanMay

A more religuous overtone in this piece that comments on rape.


Student Stand

via Mincuisodas

A protest by the students in Vienna



via Caitlyn_and_Kara

Art in its simplest form.


Short and Sweet

via zddorox

Does what it says on the tin really


Sublime to Ridiculous

via Howlmonreal

Emphasising the insanity that was the banking bailout


Impressive Markings

via ChairWomanMay

A training shoe sprayed beautifully with the New York Skyline for all to see


Scattered Messages

via Agatalvanna

All cultures and colours united together.


Money Monkey

via ChairWomanMay

This could represent the thieving money aspect of the bankers or their mischievousness.


Human Sacrifice

via ChairWomanMay

A spiritual reference here with the leaders of the finance world depicted as gods sacrificing the average citizen.


Cool Cat

via @bastique

Evidence of a cheeky protester here with that iconic mask again on the man and cat.


One Word

via TravisMcCrea

This simplistic banner uses chains to signify the oppression dealt by the 1%.


Killing the Future

via Floris Looijesteinjn

Emotive image of a bloodied infant, with gun in each hand whilst sat on top of gold bars.


Collective Voices

via Indig-nacion

Showing the power of the masses


Words Paint a Picture

via Celesteh

Simple enough but a powerful message all the same.


A Bed of Notes

via Poster Boy NYC

Only the rich have all the freedom.


Fistful of Emotion

via Poster Boy NYC

This subway image is a show of strength and a passion to fight for the cause.


An Interesting Question

via ChairWomanMay

A striking rhetoric


Bull Fight

via ChairWomanMay

An amusing representation of the rubbish that comes from all directions in the corridors of power as the bull (with message) is the central focal point.


Anatomy of Greed

via ChairWomanMay

A strategically placed screw is all that is needed to spell out this message.


United We Stand

via Belle Ancelle

Powerful imagery with a burst of positive energy.

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