Kids and Children’s Portrait Photography by Irina Rempel

lately, I really like to see children’s portrait photography, maybe the reason is my wife is four months pregnant, and I can’t wait the birth of our first child. :).  As I was surfing in, just looking for some inspiration, I’m so interested with Irina Rempel’s portfolio, a talented Russian photographer and specializing in newborn photography, babies, maternity and child photography.

His work deserves to be an inspiration to others, especially for photographers who are interested in Maternity Photography, Children’s Portrait and Newborn Photography. Visit Irina Rempel’s portfolio for more pictures. Website | Flickr | 500px | LiveJournal

About Irina Rempel

I make photos of children, their happy parents, mothers-to-be and the things, that very personal, individual and really significant 
…in style of Tenderness…

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