20+ Incredible Tree Houses from Around the World

Having a treehouse at the bottom of your garden is something we all dream of as a child. Only a lucky few manage to get one, and when they do, hours are spent playing games, chatting and even sleeping in their very own wooden home. But what happens when those childhood dreams make it into adulthood, and grown ups decide that a treehouse is the type of abode they want to live in? Well, they are bigger and better than any standard treehouse you will ever have seen. Here are 25 of the best treehouses we have ever clapped our eyes on.


This one manages to look like a castle made of stone from a distance.

Bordeaux house

The stairs are the best thing about this wooden home, situated in Bordeaux.

Beautiful tree

This one is as pretty as the tree it sits on.


You can’t get any more innovative than this.

Shanty town

Wow! A shanty town in the sky.

Amazing views

People would pay millions for a house with views like this.

Harry Potter house

This could be straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

Huge treehouse

This is the size of some people’s houses!

This is more so a tree palace than a treehouse.

Brick treehouse

Although technically a treehouse, this one looks like it has been built from bricks and mortar!

Transportable treehouse

More like a tree pod than a treehouse, this one can be moved around to wherever you fancy.

House from outer space

This one is more like a spaceship than a treehouse.


You would have to be brave to go up here!


This eco friendly treehouse is cute and compact.

Amazing house

This is one of the biggest treehouses to have ever been built!

Inside a treehouse

You could put the population of a whole village in this one!

Child’s play

Perfect for the kids!

Fine dining

Amazingly, this treehouse is a restaurant!

Luxury treehouse

By the look of the satellite dishes, this also comes with Sky TV! But at £250,000 you would expect that at the very least…

This collection of beautiful and awe-inspiring houses in trees was brought to you by ginva.com

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