50 Awesome Black and Dark Wallpapers

A few a day ago, I’ve bought a new HP netbook , the type is HP Pavilion dm1z. The performance of this netbook is good enough for me, it’s small and easy to carry everywhere. However, I am still worried about netbook battery life, just like my compact laptop before. One of my friend advice me to use dark or black background wallpaper which can reduce battery power consumption and increase the battery life of netbook.

So I start to search on the internet for free black wallpaper, and found a large collection of high resolution wallpapers on wallbase.cc. However, it’s not always easy to find the best one – so many wallpaper choices, I’m confused :D. And Here’s my selection of black and dark wallpapers.

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Black and Dark Wallpapers

1. Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta black background

2. Xenomorph Aliens Wallpaper

3. Ocean Dark Storm

4. Drunkness Guide – Funny Wallpaper

5. You are enormously insignificant

6. Venom

7. BMW black cars photography

8. Abstract Black Wallpaper

9. Black Typography Wallpaper

10. Tetris

11. Vendetta black background

12. Pistol Typography

13. Hahahahah

14. Star Wars stormtroopers

15. Alien Evolution

16. Gauge speedometer

17. Star Wars

18. Assassins Creed

19. Exercise

20. It’s Simple – We Kill The Pac-man

21. Superheroes

22. Venom Spider-man Marvel Comics logos

23. Light bulbs

24. Star Wars Darth Vader

25. Toys evolution

26. Black textures world map

27. Keyboards Macbook

28. Typography charts

29. Street lights

30. Saga

31. Batman

32. Black Keyboard

33. World maps wallpaper

34. Gibson Les Paul

35. The Punisher

36. Mathematics chalk chalkboards

37. Windows 7 Black Wallpaper

38. Colorful Aircrafts

39. Batman Logo

40. Black Hexagons Wallpaper

41. It’s My wife

42. Girlfriend

43. Anonymous

44. Precolumbian

45. Daily Life

46. Skulls

47. Batman black Wallpaper

48. AK-47  Typography Black Background

49. Programming Doom code

50. Zippo rainbows lighters

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