50 Creative Examples of Unusual Business Card Designs

Unusual Business Card Designs

Unusual Business Card Designs

Business cards are an effective promotional tool for most businesses, especially businesses that offer services or a product. If you run run that type of business by yourself, of course, you will be happy if you meet a potential client and you will offer your services to them – then at the end of the conversation, to leave a good impression, you give a business card that contains your name / business name and contact information where you can be reached.

Above is a simple example of how the business cards can help people remember who you are and what you do. But do you know, how can business card be influential to your business? how much its effectiveness?, of course, many factors that influence it, one of which is in terms of card’s design itself.

Business cards are very easily stored in the wallet but unfortunately also easily forgettable. Boring business card design and tend to be too stiff, too serious, too formal can make the business card useless and unmemorable. It’s really different from business cards designed in an interesting and unique manner, a client will always remember the design of business card because of their unusual designs, and the positive impact it will have on business owners. If you do not believe, let’s look at some of the 50 creative examples of unusual business card designs below.

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Unusual Business Card Designs

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3. My personal business card

4. Mais Pilates

5. Feelme Crew

6. Caustica

7. Broke Bike Alley

8. Dentist business card

9. Photography Business Card

10. Fuelhaus

11. 1scale1

12. Ninja Stars

13. MODhair

14. Jungeschachtel

15. TV Consultant

16 . Wook Woodworking

17. metallic business card

18. USB drive Business Card

19. Alteroy Design

20. A fresh brain

21. Koi Pixel

22. Web Design Harlow

23. Fizz

24. Kalicon Pictures

25. Franco Caligiuri

26. Cassette

27. Yoga center

28. New Zealand All Blacks

29. Alessandro Gugliotta

30. Caroline Boisvert Stationary

31. Min Ming

32. Bakery business cards

33. Business Bags

34. ATOMICvibe

35. National Greyhound Adoption Program

36. Base One

37. Plexiglass

38. Gary Nevitt Photography

39. Jamie Wieck

40. Zoo Studio

41. Pinkograf

42. DJ profession

43. Jan Sabach

44. ID Cards

45. iPhone business cards

46. holographic businesscard

47. Matt Imus

48. rda

49. Tennis Club

50. Beer Table

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