8 Best WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

8 Best WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

8 Best WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

As we know, WordPress.org is one of the favorite blog engine and widely used by people because it’s free, easy user interface and has abundant features, in addition, WordPress is also highly favored by the webmaster for a variety of plugins and SEO friendly publishing platform. So if you want to create a blog or website for business purposes, or targeting  your primary keyword to become number 1 in google search engine, then I suggest you to use wordpress as your blog engine.

Not long ago, Google recently updated their search engine algorithm to make search results more accurate and relevant, the update is called Google penguin. Many things are changing and new standards that must be complied with by the webmaster on the update this time, such as content that should be written naturally, don’t over optimize your website’s SEO, provide relevant keywords for each page, and make your website load as fast as possible for your visitors.

Although it’s a difficult challenge for a webmaster, including myself, but somehow we have to follow the standards provided by Google if we want to maintain the popularity of our website in the eyes of search engines.

One of the standard of google penguins are fast loading website, this means you should increase your site’s performance to be faster-accessed by your visitors. For it, this time I would like to recommend 8 Best wordpress plugins that will dramatically increase the speed of your website. Enjoy!

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 1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

2. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a WordPress 2.9++ database cleanup and optimization tool. It doesn’t require PhpMyAdmin to optimize your database tables. It allows you to remove post revisions, comments in the spam queue, un-approved comments within few clicks.

3. Lazy Load

Lazy load images to improve page load times and server bandwidth. Images are loaded only when visible to the user.

4. WP Parallel Loading System

If you have an image intensive Blog, or even if you don’t, this plugin will boost the loading time of your Blog. The more images you have the more it will improve.

5. WP Smush.it

Smush.it offers an API that performs these optimizations (except for stripping JPEG meta data) automatically, and this plugin seamlessly integrates Smush.it with WordPress.

6. Plugin Organizer

This plugin will allows you to change the load order of your plug ins. If you need one plugin to load before another then this is the plug in to do it.

7. Auto Post Thumbnail

Auto post thumbnail is a plugin to generate post thumbnail from first image in post or any custom post type. If the first image doesn’t work it will automatically search for the next one and so on until the post thumbnail is inserted.

8. WPtouch

WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress website into an application-like theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects when viewed from the most popular mobile web browsing.

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