May’s 2012 Free Files of the Month! ($161 Worth of Files!)

Envato Marketplaces offers free “premium” product called  “Free File of The Month” (May’s 2012). This offer is for registered members only (Membership is free).

  • WordPress Wave (WordPress Theme) = $35
  • Elitepack CSS3 = $6
  • chipOff Fracture System= $50
  • Cubes Logo Reveal Pack = $15
  • Corporate Day (Music Stock) = $14
  • Laptop Presentation (PSD File) = $2
  • sIBL Brick Wall HDR Panorama = $30
  • Create a Japanese Ukiyo-e Style Print = $4
  • Double Blank Road Sign (Photo Stock) = $5

———— All Premium files Worth $161, And you can Download for FREE!!!

1. WordPress Wave

The ideal portfolio or product showcase theme, WordPress Wave let’s you choose the exact colors or background patterns you want!

Download | Demo

2. Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens

Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.

3. chipOff Fracture System (Unity 3.0)

4. Cubes Logo Reveal Pack

5. Corporate Day (Music Stock)


6. Laptop Presentation (PSD File)

Laptop presentation. Includes fully layered PSD and you can easily change the preview image.

7. sIBL Brick Wall HDR Panorama

What is sIBL? It’s a short for “Smart IBL ” . It’s a standard describing all informations and files needeed to provide fast and easy Image Based Lighting Setup. sIBL-Gui is a free application for organizing your HDR images and setting up your scenes with a single click.

8. Create a Japanese Ukiyo-e Style Print (Tutorial)

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a landscape in the style of a Japanese Ukiyo-e print.

9. Double Blank Road Sign (Photo Stock)

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