30+ Examples of Vintage and Retro Style in Modern Packaging Design

Package design is not just about the look, it’s about how to attract customers’ attention at first sight. with an innovative and unique design will reinforce the brand identity and encourage potential buyers to purchase the product.

Retro and vintage style is one of the most interesting and unusual concept in packaging design, this design concept has the objective to give a sense of nostalgia.

For today’s inspiration, we present 32 Examples of Vintage and Retro Style in Modern Packaging Design that will inspire you and give an ideas which you could use for your next design projects.

1. Scharffen Berger

2. prePEARed

3. Pams Premium Range

4. Fox Retro Collection

5. Marypat Pastry Shop

6. Cubarb & Rhustards

7. Serra do Conduru

8. Vintage St-Ambroise

9. Coffee Time bag and cups

10. Boylan Root Beer

11. Pure Spring

12. Moosylvania

13. Love Brew Variety Pack

14. Oldwheel Farm

15. Pizzeria

16 . DJ SuperStereo CD set

17. Broken Seal Beer Packaging

18. Mic’s Chilli

19. GoToy

20. Jalea Wilshire

21. Naked Bee Packaging

22. Vilje Muesli

23. Heinz Chocolate

24. Kitschen Sink

25. Coarse

26. Body Sense Packaging

27. Travelling on a Vintage Train

28. Friendly Foods

29. Palisade Motor Oil “Vintage Values, Progressive Performance”

30. Zepol

31. G-Print. Impossible to Copy

32. Austin Red’s BBQ Kit

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