Beautiful Retro and Vintage PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Preparing a presentation for business purposes is actually not as easy as we imagine, there are a lot of important things we have to consider, one of which is the design of slides in PowerPoint. Good designed template and well-organized slide will increase audience’s attention and vice versa, badly designed slides with too much text can be boring and your audience may walk on by.

In order to give a successful presentation, You must think creatively and “out of the box” in choosing a PowerPoint template for your business  presentation. Today, we’re presenting you with a collection of beautiful retro and vintage PowerPoint templates. This easy to use, fully customizable and can make your presentation more interesting and memorable.

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[NEW] Offset Powerpoint Presentation Template

Offset is beautiful powerpoint template that present vintage / retro slides that will make your presentation attractive. They’re great for digital eBooks, digital photo albums, business and creative presentations.


Offset Powerpoint Presentation Template

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1. Retro Slides

“Retro Slides” is a PowerPoint Presentation Template with custom graphic elements and animation.

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2. Parched

Parched is a Powerpoint Template using playful retro elements great for presenting your company or project.

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3. Marvelous

A marvelous retro Powerpoint template available in three different colours. Each colour theme contains 9 animated slices.

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4. Chalkboard

Fresh, fun, and creative! Blow your visitors away with this Chalkboard Presentation.

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5. Vintage paper

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6. Retro Color

A Good presentation for a Agency or any type of business or event. Easy to change colors, text and photos.

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7. NoteBook

NoteBook is a PowerPoint template simple and easy to customize. NoteBook presentation contains 12 slides which are appropriate for a personal, business, corporate and creative use.

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8. Sacred Wall

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9. Gourmet Classic Food PowerPoint

Gourmet is classic PowerPoint template designed food, cooking, restaurant themed presentation. By using this template, you can deliver your information and messages in more effective way.


Gourmet Classic Food PowerPoint

9. Retrico

Retrico is blended with modern and vintage style, this template has a great animation, 3 color layout and HD resolution.



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