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There are a lot of people who consider that web design is a simple matter and no help is required to become the best web designer you can be. From the start, you should know that such things are not true and it is always for the best that you follow the practical advice given by others who have more experience than yourself. The web designer’s bible is filled with practically advice and we will try to present some of the most interesting pointers to you.

#1 Allow yourself to be creative

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Someone once said that creativity is one of the greatest gifts we have received in this world and this is especially valid when it comes to those who work in the field of web design. Put your mind to work and do not settle for anything less than great; surely, you can resist the temptation of choosing a design that already exists and try to improve it. Even if you do not have enough experience, start with what is inside your mind and do not be quick to copy someone else’s talent.

#2 We live in a colored world

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What is the difference between a black & white website and a colored one? Well, this difference is huge and you can certainly understand why most people would prefer a website that has lots of colors. Just be certain that you learn the right combinations and you will reach the targeted segment of the market without any effort whatsoever; the colors used for the making of a website tend to stick to one’s mind and the person visiting it will certainly return to it in the near future.

#3 Good content makes a good website

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When it comes to good content, there are two aspects that you need to take into consideration: first, the actual content and what it says in order to attract the potential visitors of the website and, second, the way the content is written. Regarding the second part, we are talking about the typography, the type of font and size used for the writing of the content and other things like that. If someone has difficulties in reading the content present on a website, that person will surely abandon it and never return. This is why it is for the best to provide good content to your visitors.

#4 Start with the big picture

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Whenever someone is thinking about making a website, that person has to start with the big picture. This means that you will go from big to small and not vice versa; start with the framework of the page and the elements that are bigger. Then, you can proceed to smaller and finer elements, making sure that everything is perfectly integrated and the final result more than satisfying. You have to think about the layout first and then about the fonts, spacing or other things like that.

#5 Reward your potential visitors with an easy navigation system

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Whenever they are designing a website, most designers choose the most complicated navigation systems, because they believe this would impress prospective visitors. This goes without saying but, choosing a navigation system that is extremely complicated, will only make those who come to your website to easily give up on browsing. Think about the fact that not each and every person has experience in using the Internet; the navigation system chosen for the website you are making should cover the entire beach of possibilities, so that no one is left unsatisfied.

#6 No more special effects than content

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One big temptation when it comes to making a website is to load it up with special effects. Yes, we live in the age of technology and, as web designers, we have lots and lots of special effects to toy with. However, try to consider the people who would visit the website and only then decide on the amount of special effects you will use. Otherwise, you will risk overshadowing the content and making the majority of people give up on visiting your website. If the amount of special effects is too much, then you will go from interesting to boring within seconds.

#7 The purpose of the website matters too

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How many times has it happened to you to enter on a website and discover that the content present online has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose originally intended? All things considered, you have to understand that no one should make a website without thinking about the original purpose. Coming up with content that does not match the purpose of the website means losing a lot of hours of work and precious energy, which is definitely not worth it. Keep yourself close to the purpose all the time.

#8 Accessibility guaranteed

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Most young web designers consider that once a website is complete, their job is done. However, things could not be further from the truth, as there is still a lot of work to be completed. One of the most important things that you have to be careful about is how accessible is the actual website you have created. If the targeted segment of the market cannot reach your website, then all the work you have done is in vain. Always think about accessibility and try to promote it through all possible means.

In conclusion, being a web designer is a great and satisfying experience but one that, like all other experiences in life, has to be done with great care. You cannot let yourself be brought down by your lack of experience; use the Internet and organize your own web designer’s bible, filled with practical advice. You will soon discover that all this information has been extremely useful for your own activity and that people are genuinely satisfied with the websites you have created in the first place. So, what do you say, are you ready to follow the web designer’s bible and try to add your own credos to it? The answer is obvious!

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