30 Best and Free Joomla Templates

With the growth of the Internet and World Wide Web, creating a professional website is now easy, whatever type of your website, there are many open source CMS (Content Management System) that you can use to build websites that suit your needs.

Joomla is one of the most powerful CMS software and has many good features in it, in addition, Joomla is extremely easy to use and highly customizable. If you have decide to use Joomla as your choice, then you will need to choose your Joomla template that suits your site’s topic or niche.

Looking a good (and free) Joomla templates is not difficult task, you can just look it up on Google :P… But if you are too busy and don’t have much time for it, I will help you to find it. Here is a round-up some of the best joomla template that you can use for your website, it’s totally free but high-quality website template design.

1. Music Free: Responsive Joomla template


2. JF Texturia

3. OT Ante

4. ZT Xenia

5. SW-Bloggy

6. A+ Plus

7. JA Orisite

8. JF Relaxio

9. Freemium

10. AS Template 002032

11. B. Jupiter

12. OT Etanol

13. Shaper Zaara

14. JA Zite

15. The Notebook

16 . BJ Venus

17. YouGrids

18. Architects Design

19. Mendozite

20. ZT Zizia

21. Shaper Simplicity – II

22. Sienna

23. Tiny Post

24. JA Puresite

25. NiceBody

26. Shaper Frequent

27. Audiokasti

28. BJ Synegy

29. JA Lens

30. LaunchTime

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