Download 3 Free Software Alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint

For windows users, using PowerPoint to create slideshow presentations for business purposes or teaching activities at school is a very common thing to do, but behind it all, there are many people are downloading full version of Microsoft Office via torrent, and of course it’s illegal.

As we know, Microsoft Office is a one of the most popular office suite for everyone, including me, and we also know that the cost of original MS office is very expensive. If you are like me and you have low budget, It’s only dream to purchase this software: In this situation, the best alternative is finding freeware which has similar features to PowerPoint.

After searching on the internet, I found some free software alternative to PowerPoint that’s compatible with windows operating system, although the number of freeware is limited, it can help you to create a beautiful slideshow presentations like PowerPoint, and of course you can download them for free :).

Kingsoft Presentation

Kingsoft Presentation Screenshot

Kingsoft Presentation Screenshot

Kingsoft Presentation is best presentation application that allows you to easily create slideshow presentations, this application has a really good user interface, feature-rich application, support PPT file type and completely free, perfect for beginner who seeking a freeware alternative to microsoft powerpoint.

Kingsoft Presentation Feature:

  • Built-in PowerPoint to PDF Converter
  • Apply Various PPT Templates
  • Support Movie, Flash, Chart, Graphics
  • Multiple Document Tabs
  • Design Slide Layout
  • RC4 encryption

Impress (Apache OpenOffice)

Impress (Apache OpenOffice) Screenshot

Impress (Apache OpenOffice) Screenshot

Impress is a part of OpenOffice, the most popular open source office suite – With Impress, you can create beautiful presentations with a variety of animations, transitions, customizing the layout to suit your need and save your presentation as a pdf, ppt, and swf files.

Impress Features:

  • Master Pages and Layouts
  • Easy-to-use
  • Slideshow Animation and Effects
  • 2D and 3D images from text.
  • Support PPT Files
  • Drawing and diagramming tools

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations Screenshot

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations Screenshot

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations is free powerpoint alternative that allow you to create beautiful graphic presentations. You can create presentations from scratch or use the presentation templates for a variety of looks.

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations Features:

  • Multiplatform desktop application suite
  • Support for charts, tables, drawing objects, and graphics
  • Slide show flow and timing control.
  • Graphic animation and slide transition effects.
  • Support for a variety of file types including Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite.

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