21 Inspiring Grid-Based Website Design

A grid-based website is one of web design trend that has existed since a few years ago, and since the advent of Windows 8 that bringing metro UI style design on their new OS, grid layout designs becoming more popular again and used primarily in a portfolio website. Here we would like to present 21 the best grid based website design that can inspire you.

Grid-Based Website Showcse

1. DynamIt

2. Landor

3. Shopshire Screen

4. vonvon.de

5. Faces of New York Fashion Week

6. _F7

7. Rosie Lee

8. 42Angels

9. Ignacio Macri | Design & Illustration

10. Thomas Robin

11. Tom, Dick & Harry Chicago advertising agencies.

12. Grundini

13. The Natural Histories Project

14. Tractorbeam

15. Pierrick Calvez Studio

16. Games We Played

17. Viktoria Klein

18. Protest

19. Yuna Kim

20. This Also is a photo(grapher) aggregator


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