Bad and Controversial Ads Examples

Usually, we love to present some examples of smart and clever ads post for inspiration. but in today’s post, we want to share something bad, funny and controversial ads examples from It’s hand-picked graphic from several photo manipulation contest series: “Bad Ads” and it’s just a joke to refresh your mind :).

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Controversial and Bad Ads

1. 19 out of 20 by imagarth

2. BiC Cheating by npjohnson

3. Winstons for Two by kitryne

4. Burger King by whiteducks

5. Trojans by Todd1000

6. bratz by worldtraveler666

7. Hummer: Overcompensate by MarcusAurelius

8. Sleepyhead by imagarth

9. Dont think, just drink! by Bergkvist

10. Viagra by Todd1000

11. What would Steve Jobs Say? by OverGravity

12. just did it. by ozmoney

13. Absolute Vodka by kalza

14. Windows green screen by Hubi1970

15. Sominex by dfr0st

16. got plastic surgery? by echoburst

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