Using Google+ To Market Your Web Design Business

Google+ is still a relatively new social network site but is becoming one of the most powerful. In fact, many businesses rate this site as being imperative for their company and as one of the best marketing tools online. It is excellent for creating Google Authorship so your search results stand out. However, it can take time to get used to.

Using Google+ To Market Your Web Design Business

Using Google+ To Market Your Web Design Business

When marketing for your web design business, you will need to follow the rules and interact. You can quickly boost your business by integrating the following tips:

#1 Use Keyword Phrases Within Your About Us Page

Like all social networking websites, there is an About page. Fill this in and sell yourself to the community. How long have you been designed websites for? What do you specialize in?

As you fill in the page, make sure it is optimized for the search engines. Google will rank your Google+ page! Check the type of keyword phrases that people are searching for that are relevant to you and use them. Avoid stuffing your content – use them naturally to work for the robots and the humans.

You can also add links to some of your services and your portfolio. Show off your previous designs or link to other websites that you have created. As people see more, they’ll want to hire you for their work.

#2 Take Advantage of Google+ Authorship

With a Google+ page, you can create an Authorship. When Google connects a piece to you, a one-line bio and your picture will appear in the search results. Use a photo that is similar to that on your Google+ page – just a front headshot of you – and link your profile to your content. Google+ tells you exactly how to do this so your search results will stand out.

The best part is that you can create content about web design and link it back to your business. You can then connect through Google+ circles and increase your credibility, leading to more people hiring you.

#3 Engage With Others on Google+

Social media is designed so that you are social – the clue is in the name! Take some time to become more sociable on the website. Interact with people who have similar needs or those who are looking for web design needs. Join circles that are relevant to you and interact within them as much as possible.

Respond to conversations that are already happening. Avoid just talking about your business – that’s spamming! Answer questions and share insightful views. Share from your business and personal pages and that encourages people to check them out and learn more about your business. They are more likely to spend money on someone who has helped them in the past and is active in the community than someone completely new!

#4 Use a Personal Page to Build Relationships

You cannot circle someone with a business page without them circling you back. This means you need to build up a relationship and you can do that with your personal page. Let people get to know you as a person and then introduce your business page when it is relevant and helpful. The other person will be more receptive to it and likely circle back.

To help build your relationships, thank people or +1 when they mention you. You can keep track of this with saved searches on the site. It helps you stay active and let people know you are paying some attention to the site.

You cannot just create a Google+ page and expect it to do everything for you. To get your web design business off the ground, you need to build relationships and interact with people in a friendly way. Create a detailed About Us page and add keyword terms and some links that are relevant to help with the SEO.

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