60 Useful Alternative Search Engine

Bored with Google, Bing or Yahoo? they are not truly the only search engine in the internet. The fact is that you can find a huge selection of powerful alternatives search engines that you may possibly not be capable finding in the more popular search engines. These types of search engines allows you to do a search for the things you are really looking, and because they are more concentrated in the specific niche, their end results are far more precise.

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In today’s post, we present a huge selection of 60+ useful alternative search engines around in the world wide web which you can use to get anything on the internet!


jinni search engine

Jinni is a brand new way to discover films & programs to view utilizing the movie genome.

Jinni Homepage: http://www.jinni.com/


mevvy search engine

Mevvy is an app discovery platform that follows a new concept – we categorize apps by interest group, which help you discover the apps that undoubtedly matter for your requirements – whether you might be a parent, a pilot, an advertising strategist or an athlete! More info ».

Mevvy Homepage: http://www.mevvy.com/


ixquick search engine

Ixquick protects your privacy! The only search engine that will not record your internet protocol address.

ixquick Homepage: https://ixquick.com/


yubnub search engine

Yubnub is a networking web solution with a command linestyle interface.

YubNub Homepage: http://yubnub.org/


iconfinder search engine

Iconfinder provides good quality icons for webdesigners and designers in an easy and efficient way.

Iconfinder Homepage: http://www.iconfinder.net/


wallpoper search engine

Wallpoper is a searchable wallpaper database.

Wallpoper Homepage: http://wallpoper.com/


cravify search engine

Cravify is a very intuitive & powerful rent search engine in the united kingdom.

Cravify Homepage: http://cravify.com/


shortmarks search engine

Shortmarks is like an enhanced rate dial for web browsing.

Shortmarks Homepage: http://shortmarks.com/


the noun task search engine

Creating, sharing and celebrating the entire world’s visual language.

TheNounProject Homepage: http://www.thenounproject.com/


wolfram alpha search engine

Wolfram alpha is a “computational knowledge engine” – distinctive from a search engine, it answers factual queries directly by computing the clear answer from organized data, in the place of supplying a list of papers or web pages that may support the answer.

WolframAlpha Homepage: http://www.wolframalpha.com/


similarsites search engine

Effortlessly find more sites like those you want.

SimilarSites Homepage: http://www.similarsites.com/


dotmos search engine

Dotmos is an investigation and breakthrough device that can help reporters and students find complete summaries on any offered subject by searching web, social and custom apis.

Dotmos Homepage: http://www.dotmos.com/


dogpile search engine

Dogpile.Com is a search engine that combines results from multiple major search engines, including google, bing, yahoo search, and ask.Com, into one search web page.

Dogpile Homepage: http://www.dogpile.com/


driverlayer search engine

Pictures of everything on best image search engine after google the driverlayer.

DriverLayer Homepage: http://driverlayer.com/


ecosia search engine

Ecosia is a green search engine which donates at the very least 80percent of its advertising revenue to a rainforest protection programm run by the wwf.

Ecosia Homepage: http://www.ecosia.org/


searchcode.com search engine

Searchcode is a free source code and documents search engine.

searchcode.com Homepage: https://searchcode.com/


foofind search engine

Foofind is a universal search engine.

Foofind Homepage: http://foofind.com/


the pirate bay search engine

Known as “the world’s most resilient bittorrent site”, the pirate bay is a website that lets you search for, download, and upload torrents.

ThePirateBay Homepage: http://thepiratebay.se/


unbubble search engine

The search engine from europe 100% neutral, secure & clean made & hosted in germany.

Unbubble Homepage: https://unbubble.eu/


shodan search engine

Shodan is a search engine that lets you will find specific computers (routers, servers, etc.) making use of many different filters.

SHODAN Homepage: http://www.shodanhq.com/


tineye search engine

Tineye is a reverse image search engine.

TinEye Homepage: http://www.tineye.com/


seeks search engine

Seeks is a free and open p2p design and application for enabling social websearch.

Seeks Homepage: http://seeks-project.info/


wiinkz search engine

Wiinkz.Com is a search engine to get to the top worlwdwide sites.

WiinkZ Homepage: http://www.wiinkz.com/


whichairline.com search engine

Whichairline is a visual trip search engine that can help you find the greatest air seats.

WhichAirline.com Website: http://www.whichairline.com/


best open source search engine

Find most readily useful open source items across all platforms.

BestOpenSource Homepage: http://www.findbestopensource.com/


duckduckgo search engine

Duckduckgo is an alternative search engine who has rich features, respects your privacy, and it is built from free/open-source software.

DuckDuckGo Homepage: http://duckduckgo.com/


codase search engine

Codase may be the leading supply code search company with advanced supply code understanding and xml index/search technologies.

Codase Homepage: http://www.codase.com/


appappeal search engine

Appappeal reviews and compares web applications to simply help people find the best web app because of their requirements.

AppAppeal Homepage: http://www.appappeal.com/


surf canyon search engine

Surf canyon is a web browser extension that is installed into the users browser.

SurfCanyon Homepage: http://www.surfcanyon.com/extension.jsp


justwatch search engine

Find out where you should watch films and television shows legitimately online with justwatch.

JustWatch Homepage: https://www.justwatch.com/


startpage search engine

Startpage.Com is a search engine that fetches outcomes through the google search engine without saving the users’ ip addresses or offering any individual user information to google’s servers.

Startpage Homepage: http://www.startpage.com/


algolia search engine

Algolia provides a developer-friendly restful api for website and app instant search.

Algolia Homepage: https://www.algolia.com/


kartoo search engine

Kartoo is a meta search engine which displays an artistic program.

KartOO Homepage: http://www.kartoo.com/


alternativeto search engine

Alternativeto enable you to find new windows, mac, linux, online and mobile software predicated on applications you are already aware as opposed to worthless categories.

AlternativeTo Homepage: https://alternativeto.net/


open source software directory search engine

The purpose of the available source software directory is always to record the greatest and most promising available supply software available on the net.

OpenSourceSoftwareDirectory Homepage: http://www.opensourcesoftwaredirectory.com/


poynt search engine

Dinner? Movies? Buddies? Shopping? Get poynt and get here.

Poynt Homepage: http://poynt.com/


boondabar search engine

Boondabar is a search engine just like google or bing.

Boondabar Homepage: http://boondabar.com/


faroo search engine

Faroo combines real-time search & peer-to-peer search.

FAROO Homepage: http://www.faroo.com/


gigablast search engine

Gigablast is a strong, opensource, new search engine that does real-time indexing!.

Gigablast Homepage: http://www.gigablast.com/


dmoz search engine

Dmoz is a multilingual open-content directory of world wide web links.

DMOZ Homepage: http://www.dmoz.org/


millionshort search engine

Million brief is an experimental web search engine (really, a lot more of a development engine) that allows you to eliminate the top million (or top 100k, 10k, 1k, 100) sites through the outcomes set.

MillionShort Homepage: http://www.millionshort.com/


livearks search engine

Grow your team’s knowledge base.

Livearks Homepage: http://livearks.com/


wayback machine search engine

Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to some months ago.

WaybackMachine Homepage: http://web.archive.org/


similar website search search engine

Similarsitesearch helps you discover similar, relevant, or alternative web sites.

SimilarSiteSearch Homepage: http://www.similarsitesearch.com/


shapecatcher search engine

Shapecatcher is a new website, that helps one to find specific unicode figures, just by sketching their form.

Shapecatcher Homepage: http://www.shapecatcher.com/


topmovieslike search engine

Top films like helps you find similar, alternative or related films to virtually any of one’s favourite films immediately.

TopMoviesLike Homepage: http://www.topmovieslike.com/


yippy search engine

Yippy search, formerly known as clusty, is a search engine that groups results into topics, or “clouds,” in place of concentrating just on search engine outcome ranking.

YippySearch Homepage: http://yippy.com/


alternative.to search engine

Alternative.To is a search engine for alternatives, meaning it may search for current oposites on any given subject, be it material or etheric things, words, expression, individuals, phenomenons.

alternative.to Homepage: http://www.alternative.to/


wallhaven search engine

Wallhaven is a site developed by and for those who like wallpapers, as well as a place where anime fans can be treated mostly like normal human beings.

Wallhaven Homepage: http://wallhaven.cc/


mysupermarket search engine

Mysupermarket ended up being started with a simple mission: discover shoppers the most effective cost for the brands they want and need.

mySupermarket website: https://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/


find properly search engine

Find correctly is a clever property-search engine for london rentals.

FindProperly Homepage: http://www.findproperly.co.uk/


radiotuna search engine

Real-time search for free online radio.

radiotuna Homepage: http://radiotuna.com/


alluc search engine

Alluc is a search-engine for streaming links.

alluc website: http://www.alluc.com/


yacy search engine

Yacy is a free search engine that anybody can used to build a search portal for his or her intranet or to help search the public internet.

YaCy Homepage: http://yacy.net/


searx search engine

Searx is a metasearch engine, aggregating the results of other search engines while not keeping information about its users.

Searx Homepage: https://searx.me/


coursebuffet search engine

At coursebuffet we actually examine and classify every course we list.

CourseBuffet Homepage: https://www.coursebuffet.com/


linux app finder search engine

When i first switched to linux from windows, one problem i had was finding good programs to accomplish a few of the exact same tasks i was already doing.

LinuxAppFinder Homepage: http://linuxappfinder.com/


fnd.io search engine

Go through the app shop and itunes anywhere

Fnd.io Homepage: https://fnd.io/


goodsearch search engine

Imagine if you can raise cash for your favorite cause every time you searched or shopped online??? you will!.

Goodsearch Homepage: http://www.goodsearch.com/


filemirror.info search engine

Filemirror.Info is a free search engine for rapidshare, megaupload, badongo, sendspace, mediafire, filefactory, hotfile, 4shared, zshare, 2shared, easy-share, zippyshare and a whole lot more! Right here you will find all files provided on uploading sites that one other search engines skip.

FileMirror.Info Homepage: http://www.filemirrors.info/


site plow search engine

Site plow is a free tool for information research on the internet.

SitePlow Homepage: http://siteplow.com/


swiftype search engine

The best way to include great search to your website.

swiftype website: https://swiftype.com/

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