25 Best Recent Post Widget Plugin for WordPress

WordPress platforms is built in standard widgets like recent post, recent comment and much more you can put to your sidebars of your website. However it’s too basic with lack of features.

Creating a recent post widget within your blog site it may be important to your visitors to look through a new articles or to tell them that your particular web log have an updated articles to read. Its also helps you get more page views and reduce the bounce rates of your website by presenting good web navigation.

The good news is you’ll find a lot of recent post widget for wordpress, but choosing the best one isn’t an easy task.

Here we present 25 best recent post widget plugin for WordPress. It is possible to personalize color, fonts and other thing of your widget to matches your site.

Recent Posts with Excerpts

recent posts with excerpts

A widget that lists your numerous current articles with excerpts, optionally limited by a group.

The sheer number of posts and excerpts is configurable; as an example, you could show the games of five articles but include the excerpt for just the 2 latest.

Aids the_excerpt Reloaded and Advanced Excerpt for excerpts with HTML formatting.

Get posts that are recent Excerpts

Advanced Recent Posts

advanced posts that are recent width=

Introducing new function in 0.6.13 variation: the embedded video as opposed to the article Featured Image

Get Advanced posts that are recent

ACF posts that are recent

acf current articles widget

ACFRPW all the industries can be apparent, you are able to pick from a couple of settings to show the posts from. Each setting alters the quantity and kind of posts listed in the sidebar.

Get ACF posts that are recent

Category Post List Widget

category post list widget

Category Post List Widget is a plugin which displays the most up-to-date articles from a specific category.

Get Category Article Check List Widget

Latest Articles by Category Widget

This plugin adds a simple widget which allows you to definitely show an amount of present blogs from a particular group.

You’ve got the choices to select a subject, category, wide range of posts and whether or otherwise not to show the post-date.

The posts would be bought by day much like the default Recent Posts widget included with WordPress.

Get posts that are recent Category Widget

Flexible posts that are recent

flexible recent posts

Flexible current Posts (FRP) plugin gives you chance to include widget to your blog with present articles utilizing user-defined template.

Get flexible posts that are recent

Network Latest Posts

network newest posts

This plugin pull the recent posts from most of the blogs in your system and shows them in your main web site (or any internal web site) using shortcodes or widgets.

Get Network Latest Posts

Handbook Related Articles

manual relevant articles

You can manually choose which posts have actually to be be connected to every articles.

Get Manual posts that are related

bdwebteam recent post tabs widget

bdwebteam post that is recent widget

bdwebteam recent post tabs widget is advanced version of the WordPress Recent Responsive top articles, current articles,top reviews, tabs Posts widget allowing increased modification to produce present articles from category,Order by,time limitation you determine.

Get bdwebteam recent post tabs widget

Ultimate Posts Widget

ultimate posts widget The best widget for showing articles, customized post types or gluey articles with a myriad of choices to personalize the show.

Get Ultimate Posts Widget

Recent Posts Widget Extended

recent posts widget extended

This plugin will enable a customized, flexible and very advanced level recent articles, you are able to show it via shortcode or widget. Enables you to display a number of the newest articles with thumbnail, excerpt and post time, it’s also possible to show it from all or particular or multiple taxonomy, post type and many other things.

Get posts that are recent Extended

TW posts that are recent

tw posts that are recent

TW Recent articles Widget is advanced level form of the WordPress Recent Posts widget enabling increased customization to show current articles from category you define.

Get TW posts that are recent

Magic Post Listing

magic post listing

Utilizing Magic Post Listing (MPL) you’ll just create material sliders for your website.

MPL has actually some advanced level choices for filtering posts or pages. Secret Post Listing has capability to show thumbnails of posts/pages to help you merely create advanced image sliders and link the images to post/page URLs.

Get Magic Article Detailing

Carousel Horizontal Posts Content Slider

carousel horizontal posts content slider

Carousel horizontal posts slider that is content a jQuery driven and carouFredsel library based slider. It enables you to display your posts in a pleasant sliding manner. It has actually lots of user-friendly choices to configure the slider effortlessly.

Get Carousel Horizontal Posts Content Slider

Considerable Recent Posts Widget

extensive posts that are recent

Recent posts widget with fully customizable design and recommended slider.

Get extensive posts that are recent

WP Current Articles From Category

wp recent posts from category

The “WP Recent articles From Category” is a straightforward plugin that enables you to definitely insert a list of current posts through the desired category in a widget, post or web page.

Get WP Recent Posts From Category

Admin Menu Article List

admin selection post record

Admin Menu Post check List adds a straightforward post record when you look at the administrator selection for effortless accessibility. It aids posts, pages, and customized post kinds.

Get Admin Menu Post List

Unique Current Articles

special present articles

Special Recent Posts FREE Edition is just one of the innovative WordPress plugin to manage your articles with thumbnails.

With an amazing easy configuration and a delightful look, you are only a mouse click far from establishing your awesome design. It is the perfect solution for online Magazines or just Quick Blogs and it comes with a lot more than 40+ Customization Options obtainable.

Get Special Current Articles

Advanced Random Posts Widget

advanced posts that are random

This plugin will enable a customized, flexible and higher level random posts. It permits one to show a list of random articles via shortcode or widget with thumbnail, excerpt and post time, also you’ll show it from all or specific or numerous taxonomy.

Get Advanced Random Posts Widget

Flexible Articles Widget

The standard Recent articles widget is exceptionally standard. I always discover myself in need of a method to quickly display a selection of posts from any combination post kind or taxonomy. Hence, Flexible Articles Widget.

Get Flexible Posts Widget

Vertical scroll recent post

Get straight scroll post that is recent

Super Article

super post

This plugin offers you most of the settings for any post queries, for just about any post kind and other prolonged alternatives for showing your essential post, recent, preferred gluey, or related articles.

Can help show spesific post from groups or post tags. Build with shortcode for content section. Showing the posts in a sidebar becomes quite simple with a powerfull widget.

Widgets have highly-customizable control panels, simple to use and support multiwidget even in identical sidebar.

Get Super Post

Inline Relevant Posts

inline related posts

Companies like Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Business Insider, Financial occasions and several others understood this notion and embraced it as you care able to see in this GIF in Screenshots.

Get Inline Relevant Posts

Posts per Cat

posts per cat

Posts per Cat is a straightforward plugin that grab all or just selected categories from weblog database, then record recent N articles from each group, organised in 1-5 columns.

Get Articles per Cat

WP Latest Blogs

wp latest posts The primary concept of tis plugin will be visually make the latest post, pages or tagged content and siaply it as a slider.

This is additionally the simplest way to do this without doing a full page with a custom rule inside to get post content from a certain group. You can easily create limitless development block and include all of them within the editor or as widget.

Get WP Latest Posts

Recent Articles Widget With Thumbnails

recent posts widget with thumbnails

This plugin is dependent on the popular WordPress default widget ‘Recent Posts’ and improved to display thumbnails associated with the posts.

Get Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

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