9 Best WordPress Management Plugins for Multiple Websites

Best WordPress Management Plugin – If you have a lot of wordpress based website to takes care of, then it becomes a pain once you want to do bulk operation and maintenance, such us updating plugins and themes, moderating commentary, it can be time wasting since you have to repeatedly switch between websites and sign in and logout.

If you have 30 website to manage, just imagine the discomfort of logging in and from every web site, upgrade plugins, write articles or approve comment. Fortunately, there are a number of WordPress management plugin that brings the task of managing and controlling multiple WordPress sites easy and efficient. This is certainly a good and efficient way for helping you manage all those internet sites within one dashboard.

Which the best wordpress management plugin for my blog?

There are some reputable wordpress management plugins and services you can choose from, like manageWP, MainWP, CMS commander. Each has unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

ManageWP tend to be awesome, but it’s very costly, especially if you have a lot of website to manages. Because of this reason, we use MainWP with lifetime licence to manage all of websites. MainWP is self-hosted and doesn’t have month-to-month fees. it has undisputed benefits: it’s cost efficient comparing to other management plugins. But if decide to use MainWP, you might need to secure your server with good performance like dedicated or VPS hosting.

There are several worthwhile WordPress management plugin alternatives you should think about before you make your choice on which wordpress manager to make use of. In this article, I’ll share some options with you and provide you with a brief history of each and every.

1. MainWP

Website: mainWP.com

MainWP is a self-hosted WordPress Management plugins for people having multiple WordPress internet sites. User can get a handle on almost all facets of WordPress management including upgrading all their sites with only one mouse click of a button, schedule automatic backups, monitor their internet sites and many other things.

MainWP Extensions are specific features or tools designed for the goal of growing the essential functionality for the MainWP plugin also to allow you to develop a far better web site network. Extensions provide custom functions and features to ensure that each individual can modify their particular MainWP for their particular needs.


  • One Click Access
  • Computerized Updates
  • Abandoned Plugin and Theme Alerts
  • Dependable Backups
  • Several Backup Alternatives
  • Content Management
  • Bulk Posting
  • Self Hosted
  • Discovery Cover
  • Developer Spy Free
  • Fully Auditable Code

2. ManageWP

Website: managewp.com

ManageWP is one of the best WordPress Management Plugin, developed for WordPress people by WordPress people, providing you with the entire power and complete control in managing almost any number of WordPress internet sites including powerful management, monitoring, backup, deployment, writing and security tools.


  • Every thing in one single Spot
  • One-click Management
  • Backup & Restore
  • Quick and Easy Migration
  • Uptime Tracking
  • SEO & Keyword Ranking
  • Client Reports

3. InfiniteWP

Website: InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP brings all your WordPress management requires under one window. You are able to keep including an unlimited wide range of sites and handle all of them with a couple of presses. You may never need to use the WordPress dashboard once again. Once integrated, InfiniteWP WordPress Management Plugin offers a whole bird’s eye view of most your WordPress web sites. It generates it simple to backup, manage plugins and themes across several WordPress sites.


  • Self-hosted system: Resides on your own server and completely under your control
  • One-click updates for WordPress, plugins and themes across all your sites
  • Instant back-up and restore your complete web site or simply just the database
  • One-click use of all WP admin panels
  • Bulk Manage plugins & themes: Activate & Deactivate several plugins & themes on several sites simultaneously
  • Bulk Install plugins & themes in several web sites at the same time

4. CMS Commander

Website: CMS Commander

CMS Commander is more than a tool to control multiple internet sites. It also helps you with optimizing your existing internet sites, monetizing your content, and rapidly producing completely new web sites.


  • 1-Click Revisions Wordpress Management Plugin
  • Bulk Posting
  • Bulk Install Plugins
  • Copy We Blog Options
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Manage Content & Comments
  • Automatic Backups
  • Easy Correct
  • Numerous Backup Destinations
  • Clone Sites
  • Create Brand New WordPress Sites
  • Many Content Re Sources
  • Bulk Content Posting
  • Autoposting & Schedule Content
  • Bulk Edit Blogs
  • Import Content
  • Rewriting And Article Re-writing
  • Internet System Integrations
  • Insert Ads
  • Monetize The Posts
  • Backlink Count Tracking
  • Uptime & Pagespeed Monitoring
  • Google Analytics System Stats
  • Secure SSL
  • No Passwords
  • 2-Factor Verification
  • Malware Scanner

5. iControlWP

Website: iControlWP

The iControlWP Secure WordPress Manager could be the only answer you will need to manage all of your WordPress web pages.


  • Manage ALL WordPress web pages from just one, centralized control interface.
  • One-click revision WordPress Plugin
  • Bulk update all plugins, motifs and WordPress cores.
  • Manage CloudFlare settings using our unique CloudFlare integration.
  • Insert Google Analytics Monitoring rule.
  • Tidy up WordPress and Optimize WordPress databases
  • Manage WordPress Security establishing across all your internet sites.
  • Install new WordPress web sites automatically, anywhere you have got cPanel web hosting

6. WPRemote

Website: WPRemote

The WP Remote WordPress Management Plugin works with WP Remote to enable you to remotely handle all your WordPress web sites.


  • Track all your WordPress web sites from one location.
  • Track the WordPress version each web site is working and simply update.
  • Track all your valuable plugins and motifs and 1 mouse click up-date them.
  • Free to monitor and upgrade a limitless range web sites.
  • Back your database and data.

7. iThemes Sync

Website: iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync is an easy option to handle updates for all you WordPress web sites from a single place. In place of logging directly into each web site separately, you have got one destination to view and install available revisions.

Active iThemes WordPress Management Plugin can sync up to 10 web sites per customer account for free.


  • Run Remote WordPress Backups
  • Handle your BackupBuddy Stash backups
  • Even More BackupBuddy Actions
  • Enable/Disable Away Mode
  • Launch Lockouts
  • Track Your Sales

8. Jetpack Manage

Website: https://jetpack.me/support/site-management/

Jetpack manage allows one to handle your self-hosted WordPress sites along with your WordPress.com internet sites from just one dashboard on WordPress.com.

You are able to upgrade and handle your plugins, visit your site’s stats, and also publish to your Jetpack web site all from one page.


  • Plugin Management.
  • Watching your stats.
  • Posting to your Jetpack web site from WordPress.com.

9. WPDash ( New)

Website: wpdash.io

WPDash is brand- new wordpress management plugin that has a lot of features and great user interface design. It is possible to handle numerous WordPress web sites, articles, themes, plugins and more.

Website: en.wpdash.io

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