40+ Free HTML/CSS Switch & Checkboxes Snippets

Here we’ve gathered some of beautiful  HTML/CSS switch, radio and checkboxes snippets that you can use for your next project. This list is also great for web designer to learn new code snippets and web design inspiration.

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Simple And Minimalistic CSS Switch Button


A basic but not less visual attractive checkbox with minimalistic, white and bordered checkboxes.

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Smooth UI Radio-Checkboxes KIT


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CSS UI Elements with Red and Blue Gradients


This code experiment is a set of elements with an interesting style: one range slider (or just a slider) and two switches.

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Animated SVG Checkboxes & Radio Buttons jQuery Plugin


A great tutorial that shows how to take advantage of svg paths animated with javascript to create good looking checkboxes and radio buttons.

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Squishy Toggle Buttons


Nicely squishy rubber buttons, inspired by designs on dribbble.

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Pure CSS Checkboxes & Radio Buttons


Pretty checkbox is a pure css library to create beautiful radio buttons and checkboxes with a variety of effects and transitions.

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CSS Task Checklist


Neat css tasklist by codepen user shaw adapted from original js code by dribbble user gal shir. It features neat animations for three checkboxes included in the snippet.

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CSS Yes/No Button Switch


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Sinograph Panel: CSS UI Concept


A beautiful user interface concept including amazing buttons with well-designed states. It is also possible to add text boxes into the mix. The active state of the buttons is very attractive, featuring a neon-like effect.

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Simple Animated Switch


Fancy switch created by dmitri voronianski.

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jquery checkbox style


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CSS3 Checkbox Styles


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Amazing Stylish CSS Switch Buttons


These are some stylish css only switch buttons, made based on this adobe illustrator tutorial, a simplified version.

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Fancy Checkbox Toggles


A pair of checkboxes toggles, flat design, round corners and using soft colors.

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Input Range styled


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Flat Recommend Button


A classic flat button made with css and js using the family font, open sans, and sans-serif as the second option. The button has round corners.

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Pure CSS Light Switch


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Checkbox Toggle Animation CSS


This is a neat and fluid toggle animation on a checkbox controlled by javascript styled in css with the use of html to use several svg lines.

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Android Holo Style Checkboxes


Checkboxes created to look and behave like androids new holo ui.

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Flat Toggles With Animation


Collection of some fresh, flat toggles. All utilize the checkbox hack.

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CSS Only iOS Style Checkbox Tick


An ios style tick checkbox like those seen in the mail app when you edit the list.

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Pure CSS3 Toggle Button White Theme


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Pure CSS Animated Checkbox


Realistic switch with red and blue background.

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CSS Checkbox Styles


Nifty css3 checkbox styles created by codepen user brad bodine, functional and stylish, with a short and lightweight code for easy implementation.

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Acid Checkbox Style


Brad bodine has designed a set of checkboxes with a metallic green-grey style that reminds us a nuclear power plant.

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Flat Yes-No Switch


Clean switches, round corners, that change in size and color as they are selected.

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Blue Checkbox Button


Beautiful round buttons showcasing a checkbox with a depth effect, every time that they are selected.

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CSS Checkboxes with visual affordance Indicators


A set of clean css checkboxes covering: unchecked, checked, disabled and enabled states.

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Dark Checkboxes and Radio Buttons in CSS


A set of checkboxes and radio buttons with a dark background and blue elements. The checkboxes and radio buttons have a minimal style complemented with beautiful glowing marks and subtle shadows.

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Simple Checkbox Button


A set of round buttons showcasing a checkbox with a depth effect.

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Checklist with Progress Bar CSS/HTML Template


A checklist web element with a progress bar created using pure css.

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Colorful Toggle Switches


A set of fully functional toggle switches in multiple colors.

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Styled Form Fields


Minimalist styled form elements like checkbox, radio, select, dropdown.

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Pure CSS3 Metal Checkbox


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Better Check Boxes with jQuery and CSS


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CSS Elevator Board


A board with a design out of the box.

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Checkbox light


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Pure CSS Checkbox Animation


A gorgeous animation made in pure css for animating checkboxes.

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Fancy Sheckbox Selector


Checkbox concept put together by denys mishunov.

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Pure CSS Menu Transitions


A set of 4 menu transitions created solely using css to do a menu hamburger transition using checkbox properties.

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Toggle Switch With checkbox:checked


Round switch button in css with animation cleaned up.

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