15+ Creative Example of Blog Design – CSS Gallery

Creative Blog Design – I am not a web designer, but I’m interested in web design and i’m very eager to learn how to make a good design for my personal blog, because i think blog/web design can be very important for several reasons.

To start editing my blog design, all i need is some inspiration! . There’s many CSS gallery and beautiful examples of web design. But right now, i just found 16 web that have beautiful design and worth seeing.

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Enjoy 😀

1. Mark Forrester

2. Especially Heather

3. Francesca Battistelli

4. Wez Maynard

5. a Crayon’s life

6. Pv.mgarage

7. 10Words

8. Douglas Menezes

9. Tarek Shalaby

10. Kris Colvin

11. Carbon Sugar

12. Gisele Jaquenod

13. Escape Crate

14. Web Designer Wall

15. Veerle’s Blog

16. Tijuana Flats

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