Best 10 Night-Sky Pictures of 2011

The winners of 2011 Earth and Sky Photo Contest display the beauties of night sky and its battle with light pollution.

Beauty of the Night Sky Category

1st Place. Iceland (Photograph by Stephane Vetter)

2nd Place. The central bulge of the Milky Way, Australia (Photograph by Alex Cherney)

3rd Place. French island (Photograph by Luc Perrot)

4th Place. the Great Wall of China (Photograph by Xiaohua)

5th Place. California’s Mono Lake (Photograph by Grant Kaye)


“Against the Lights” Category

1st Place. Austria (Photograph by Thomas Kurat)

2nd place. Isfahan, Iran (Photograph by Mehdi Momenzadeh)

3rd Place. Claro – Lisbon, Portugal (Photograph by Miguel)

4th Place. France’s island (Photograph by Luc Perrot)

5th Place. Portland, Oregon (Photograph by Ben Canales)

Source : TWAN – The World at Night

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