Understanding Colors in Designing and Its Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding Colors in Designing

Understanding Colors in Designing

Color and style carry on to be the most fundamental rudiments in designing. It has been evidently noticed that color and pictorial components set in motion the emotive part of our brain. The words in print trigger the rational side of our grey matter. When both the aspects unite, there is a more rapid awareness of the issue. It even strengthens recognition and sense, determines influential characteristics and variety and sets in a particular frame of mind. Let us now scrutinize the Do’s and Don’ts crucial in understanding colors in designing.

Do check the color temperature

It is important to know that all colors have their own specific temperature. For instance, the blue or violet part of the spectrum depicts coolness, while the crimson or yellow part in the color band represents warmth. This has a power which is depicted as saturation or chroma. Colors with higher concentration are clean, intense and vibrant. Meanwhile less inundated colors are subdued, smooth and gentle. In fact, each and every color has its own worth ascertained by its light or dark effects.

Do study the color wheel

Take time to really study the color wheel. You have to know that every single color is created out of three primary colors which are red, blue and yellow. After these primaries are amalgamated, three secondary colors come into prominence. They are orange, green and purple. If each of the secondary colors again united with its adjacent primary colors, six tertiary colors come into existence. They are blue-green, blue-purple, red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-purple and yellow-green. So, this is how the well known color wheel is formed.

Do examine the color undertones

Scrutinize your color suggestions properly. For instance, if you want a subdued blue, go for a white which has a hint of blue in it. If they merge cordially with each other, the effect is quite pleasing to the eyes. But you have to be careful not to highlight an undesired undertone with its counterpart. This will simply enhance the glare. You cannot mix chocolate which has an undertone of cherry with the color emerald. Just imagine how much of an exaggeration it would appear to be.

Do not overlook the actuality that colors alter according to their adjacent areas

If you draw a big rectangle along with a fine line of the exact color, it will appear to have dissimilar values. This happens so mainly when put in a white backdrop. The color inside the line will seem to be darker than in the rectangle because it is enclosed by a much brighter white area.

Do not fail to comprehend the crucial rules of the color-wheel

Color schemes consisting of colors pulled out from similar shades are known as monochromatic colors. They look awesome when merged with other shades having diverse values and concentration.

·Colors also prefer to consort with their neighborhood a lot. An analogous color scheme is formed by any three surrounding colors on the’ twelve’ color-wheel. They are all in agreement with each other because of their similar undertones.

Do not be scared of trying out different color combinations

Never ever stop experimenting with color combinations because every now and then even the most complex blends are successful. You can look into various useful color paraphernalia and applications which will assist you in choosing the exact color combination required for your assignments.

While designing, it is important to understand colors a lot. It is also very important to really delve into the psychology of all the colors we are about to put into use. For example, red is forceful and exciting while blue is reliable and dedicated. Of course it is upon us to really decide which color scheme works the best. Therefore a little bit of professional help is also necessary to have the just right color scheme.

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