40 Mobile App Frameworks

Are you searching for the best mobile app framework? We’ve posted a listing of well-known mobile app frameworks that will let you to develop your cross platform appropriate mobile apps easier and faster.

Nowadays, mobile frameworks app had been already quite powerful, but they just keep getting more effective. And the good news is, there are numerous tools and framework offered to help you to create mobile applications.

In this post, we have gathered some of the most popular 40 frameworks for Android App Development that are commonly used by numerous app developers to create android apps. If you know of others or if you have any tips concerning the frameworks we’re mentioning right here, please let us know about them into the comments.



Mobify.Js is a library for improving responsive web sites by offering responsive pictures, js/css optimization, adaptive templating and much more.

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Qt Mobile App Framework

qt mobile app framework

Cross-platform application & ui development framework.

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Oracle Mobile Application Framework

oracle application that is mobile

Oracle mobile application framework (oracle maf) is a hybrid mobile framework that enables designers to rapidly develop single-source applications and deploy to both apple’s ios and google’s android platforms.

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ChocolateChip-UI Mobile App Framework

chocolatechip-ui app that is mobile

Chocolatechip-ui is a framework to make mobile web apps. It’s three components: semantic html5 markup, javascript and css.

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ViziApps Mobile App Framework

viziapps app that is mobile

Create business mobile apps visually.

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Gideros Mobile App Framework

gideros mobile app framework

Gideros is free and available sourced and provides the cross-platform technology to produce games that are amazing. In a few hours, you’ll find yourself building and operating the next game that is great.

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Ionic Mobile App Framework

ionic app that is mobile

Ionic may be the available source html5 mobile framework for building amazing, cross-platform hybrid indigenous apps with html, javascript, and css.

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DHTMLX Touch Mobile App Framework

Free javascript framework that is mobile html5 web apps. Dhtmlx touch is a free source that is open library for building html5-based mobile web apps.

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Framework7 Mobile App Framework

framework7 mobile app framework

Framework7 is a free and available source mobile html framework to build up hybrid mobile apps or web apps with ios indigenous appear and feel.

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NeoMAD Mobile App Framework

neomad mobile app framework

Effortlessly create and industrialize native apps for the mobiles, tablets and objects that are connected.

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Shiva3d is a game that is 3d application development suite which comes in a n easy to utilize, yet very effective wysiwyg ( everything you see is exactly what you receive) editor.

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Phonegap is a source that is open for quickly building cross-platform mobile apps utilizing html5, javascript and css.

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Rad.Js is a framework that enables to create applications that are mobile. Optimized for ios, android and windows phone 8 as well as supporting all major web browsers.

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Webapp.Net is a weight that is light powerful javascript framework using ajax technology. It provides the full group of prepared to utilize components to assist you develop, easily and quickly, advanced mobile web applications.

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Ratchet Mobile App Framework

ratchet mobile app framework

Build mobile apps with easy html, css, and javascript components.

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appMobi Mobile App Framework

appmobi mobile app framework

Appmobi provides mobile app development tools that enable developers to create games and apps that deploy across all popular mobile products.

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Apache Flex

apache flex

The open-source framework for building expressive web and mobile applications.

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Mobile application development to create apps in c#.

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Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework

jo html5 mobile app framework

Jo is a javascript framework for html5 capable browsers and devices. It absolutely was originally built to focus on mobile platforms as a light and gui data layer together with phonegap.

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LungoJS Mobile App Framework

lungojs mobile app framework

A html5 framework for developers who want to design, build and share device that is cross.

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Sencha Touch

sencha touch

The leading cross-platform mobile web application framework predicated on html5 and javascript for producing universal mobile apps.

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Mobile platform for web developers.

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Application Craft Mobile App Framework

application craft mobile app framework

App development for mobile and desktop with application art.

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eMobc – Mobile Application Development Framework

emobc – mobile application development framework

Open source framework for generation of web, mobile web and native ios and android apps.

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Qooxdoo is a universal javascript framework with a coherent set of specific components and a toolchain that is powerful. Its source that is open liberal licenses, and supported by one of the world’s leading web hosts, 1&1.

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Handheld Designer Mobile App Framework


Generate powerful mobile apps with simply html, css, and zepto.Js (or jquery).

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NimbleKit Mobile App Framework

nimblekit app that is mobile

Develop native ios apps with html & javascript.

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Onsen UI Mobile App Framework

onsen ui app that is mobile

Custom elements-based html5 ui framework for building your mobile end that is front.

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jQuery Mobile Framework

jquery mobile framework

Jquery mobile is a html5-based graphical user interface system designed to make responsive web sites and apps which are available on all smartphone, tablet and desktop products.

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Famous Mobile App Framework

famous app that is mobile

Javascript library for animations & interfaces.

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RhoMobile Mobile App Framework

rhomobile app that is mobile

Presenting the mobile app platform that clicks with both customer and enterprise designers.

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NSB/AppStudio Mobile App Framework

An entire, effective development environment. Make your app regarding the desktop, run on your then device.

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Intel’s App Framework

intel’s app framework

The app framework javascript library is a cross-platform that is blazingly fast collection designed for mobile html5 apps.

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Kivy Mobile App Framework

kivy app that is mobile

Cross-platform python framework for nui development.

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The platform that is mobile pro game developers.

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The-m-project is a mobile html5 javascript framework that helps you build great mobile apps, easy and fast.

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Agate Mobile Application Framework

agate mobile application framework

Instatnt mobile application developement framework.

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Kendo UI Mobile App Framework

kendo ui app that is mobile

Everything for building web and mobile apps with html5 and javascript.

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AppGyver Steroids

appgyver steroids

The tooling that is missing hybrid apps build, test and distribute for ios and android.

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Mobile Angular UI

mobile angular ui

Mobile angular ui is an html5 mobile ui framework which will let you make use of js that are angular bootstrap 3 for mobile app development.

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Corona Laboratories Mobile App Framework

corona labs app that is mobile

Cross-platform mobile app development for ios, android.

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Marmalade Mobile App Framework

marmalade mobile app framework

Marmalade is a leading, cross-platform development tool built round the belief that designers ought to be free to innovate, create and craft fantastic content for any market on any unit without compromising on performance or vision that is creative.

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