20+ Must Have WordPress Plugins

May 31, 2011

Everyone knows that plugin are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. There are so many WordPress plugins out there that is free and ready to

Smashing Cartoons: May 2011

May 25, 2011

The main character of the cartoons is Fleaty, a talented, hard-working designer with big ambitions yet not that much luck

Showcase of Awesome Website Designs That Create an Illusion of Depth

May 14, 2011

+30 Web Designs That Create an Illusion of Depth – Depth perception is our ability to see the world in three dimensions. It allows us to gauge the relative distances of objects we can see. In a plane/2D surface, depth can be simulated by the use of concepts related to depth of field, perspective, focal/vantage point, shading, lighting, and others.

+8 Best & Free Video Converter Software

April 27, 2011

With Video Converter Software, you can convert your large video files into small clips and Transfers them into portable device such as, mobile device, iPad, iPhone, PSP, etc.. or just save your file to computer to maximize your storage capacity.

+20 Beautiful Pink Website Design Showcases

April 25, 2011

Pink is a combination of red and white color, pink in a website color scheme shows girly, feminine and maybe friendly :P. But, did you know the power of pink color ? What the benefit of website with pink scheme?

15+ Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers & Designers

April 7, 2011

Firefox is the best web browser in the world, it’s used by most Internet users. My daily internet activity is blogging, updating my post and editing my blog theme. All my Activities can be made easier using Firefox add-ons that especially for web developer or designers. As newbie, I learn editing my theme everyday using firebug. And now, Editing the CSS file isn’t really painful :).

The Best Text Editor For Developers (Windows, Linux, Mac & Online Text Editor)

April 3, 2011

Notepad and Wordpad is default text editor application for windows to modify plain text file. If you are a programmer or web designer, you need a powerful text editors with more advanced functions to facilitate the production of source code. And here’s the best of text editor for developers (Windows, Linux, Mac & Online Text Editor)

Firefox 4 Released !!! – New Look & Better Performance

March 25, 2011

Firefox 4 codenamed (“Tumucumaque”) is a major upgrade to version 3.6. First time, I’m really love the new interface of Firefox 4, more simple and clean. but if compared with previous version (Firefox 3.6), I feel little bit heavy Firefox 4 on CPU Usage and sometimes become unresponsive or not responding :(. I hope firefox team will fixing these bug on the next update.

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