The Art of Crop Circle (Pictures Galleries)

Inspiration Photography January 25, 2011

I Really don’t know what’s right or wrong about Who Makes Crop Circles. However, the complex crop circle formation and design is still interesting for me. below are a few crop circle photo galleries, not the best but definitely worth to seeing

100+ Free Social Bookmark Icon Sets For Web Designer

Design Freebies January 23, 2011

This is a Free 107 Social Bookmark Icon sets to help Web Designer, and blogger who need to customize the social bookmark icon for more looks attractive. if this collections is not enough and you need something different. you can try premium social bookmark icon.

Amazing “Madrid Air Tree” Architecture

Inspiration January 22, 2011

Amazing “Madrid Air Tree” Architecture, In Madrid, Spain, a unique, hulking structure is currently being built. An “Air Tree,” it’s designed to both affect the surrounding environment and act as a social center. It’s loaded up with solar panels that create electricity that’s sold to the local electric company.

21 Best Picasa WordPress Plugins

Wordpress January 21, 2011

Picasa Web Albums is free image hosting / photo sharing from google, you can upload and share photo up to 1GB for free. if you have a wordpress site (self hoting) based on photoblog with limited bandwidth and web space, You can try Picasa Web Albums to host your photo and video, these ways can be used to reduce the amount of web space and bandwidth usage for your site. To connect Picasa Web Albums to your wordpress blog, you can install picasa plugins for wordpress.

Beautiful Blue Flowers Picture Collections

Inspiration Photography January 19, 2011

I Just remember my neglected garden,..A couple of years ago, i have so many kind of plant. Due to busy work, i just neglected them 🙁

Now, i wanna share Blue flowers pictures / photography (ps:red is boring) to remembering my garden, Maybe it can inspire your life and relieve boredom :).

38 Beautiful Backlit Photography

Inspiration Photography January 19, 2011

Backlit photography might seem simple to do but in fact it isn’t — the light behind the subject you are aiming at to include within your picture can be very tricky. This type of photography should not be mistaken for silhouette photography.

Photography Inspirations

Inspiration Photography January 15, 2011

This Post series is about Photography for your inspirations, you will find a wonderful and great photoshoot collections here. All of this photo is not mine, but i just collecting from around the web.

5 most luxurious Prison Cells

Inspiration January 14, 2011

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of a prison? Dark and dull walls surrounded by lots of fencing, a large gate and armed watch towers, dusty playgrounds and all this at one of the isolated corners of the city. Inside, around a 6 by 8 feet room guarded by the solid or barred doors with some furniture and fixings on walls and floor. That’s a usual sight you would notice at prisons round the world that house the most inhumane masses who have been sentenced for imprisonment for their disrespectful and unlawful conduct in the society. However, surprisingly a few lucky criminals also get to taste the prison life with a flavor of luxury and believe or not, that even could be equivalent to living in a five star hotel.

12 Premium Social Network Icons Pack For Web Designer

Design Freebies January 12, 2011

This is a package of Watercolor social media icons that includes the following:

Blogger, Buzz, Delicious, Deviantart, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Friend Feed, Google, LastFM, LinkedIn, mySpace, News Vine, Picasa, Plus, Reddit, RSS , Stumbleupon, Technorati, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo, Youtube.

“Galeries Lafayette” Most Luxurious Department Store In The World

Inspiration January 10, 2011

The History of “Galeries Lafayette”
In 1893 Théophile Bader and his cousin Alphonse Kahn opened a fashion store in a small haberdasher’s shop at the corner of rue La Fayette and the Chaussée d’Antin, Paris. In 1896, the company purchased the entire building at n°1 rue La Fayette and in 1905 the buildings at n°38, 40 et 42, boulevard Haussmann and n°15 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin. Bader commissioned Georges Chedanne and then his pupil Ferdinand Chanut to design the layout of the Haussmann location.

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