15+ Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers & Designers

Web Development April 7, 2011

Firefox is the best web browser in the world, it’s used by most Internet users. My daily internet activity is blogging, updating my post and editing my blog theme. All my Activities can be made easier using Firefox add-ons that especially for web developer or designers. As newbie, I learn editing my theme everyday using firebug. And now, Editing the CSS file isn’t really painful :).

Atahualpa WordPress Theme Showcase Gallery

Design Wordpress March 31, 2011

Since the first time I started my blog using Wordpress, I immediately fall in love with these theme. Atahualpa Wordpress theme is so flexible, free, easy to customize (up to 200 options) and Atahualpa community support forums to help you when you have a problem with your Atahualpa.

Top 5 Color Picker Tools Firefox Addons

Freebies Web Development February 4, 2011

Color picker tool for firefox is used to preview and grab the color values on any website, this color tools is helping you to pick up any color on your firefox browser and paste it into another program. I usually use colorzilla to change color of my blog theme, because this addon could be Integrated With Firebug.

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