Amazing “Madrid Air Tree” Architecture

Inspiration January 22, 2011

Amazing “Madrid Air Tree” Architecture, In Madrid, Spain, a unique, hulking structure is currently being built. An “Air Tree,” it’s designed to both affect the surrounding environment and act as a social center. It’s loaded up with solar panels that create electricity that’s sold to the local electric company.

Beautiful Blue Flowers Picture Collections

Inspiration Photography January 19, 2011

I Just remember my neglected garden,..A couple of years ago, i have so many kind of plant. Due to busy work, i just neglected them 🙁

Now, i wanna share Blue flowers pictures / photography (ps:red is boring) to remembering my garden, Maybe it can inspire your life and relieve boredom :).

Ways to Get Fresh Water From Air

Inspiration January 8, 2011

Ways to Get Fresh Water From Air – An Australian scientist has developed a device capable of taking water from the air. Supported by the wind, Nicknamed Max Water, the system in accordance with the inventor even going to change a large amount of water using air with low humidity.

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